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Mirrors Trådfri gateways endpoints into MQTT and send commands to the gateway from MQTT
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This project mirrors most of the Trådfri gateways endpoints into MQTT and can be used to send commands to the Trådfri gateway over MQTT

See for more information

Using NPM

Installing via NPM:

npm install -g tradfri-mqtt

To start the service:

# = Your trådfri gateway
# abcdefgh = The pre-shared key printed under the gateway
# tcp:// = Address to MQTT

tradfri-mqtt -g -p abcdefgh -a tcp://

Using docker

docker volume create tradfri-mqtt-data
docker run -d \
  --name tradfri-mqtt \
  --volume tradfri-mqtt-data:/data \
  --env TRADFRI_PSK=abcdefgh \
  --env MQTT_ADDRESS=tcp:// \

For armv7 (i.e. raspberry pi 3+), use hemtjanst/tradfri-mqtt:arm7


Argument Alias Environment Var Description Default
--gateway <ip> -g TRADFRI_GATEWAY IP Address of Trådfri Gateway Required
--psk <key> -p TRADFRI_PSK Pre-shared key of gateway
--mqtt tcp://mqtt-broker:1883 -a MQTT_ADDRESS Address of MQTT broker Required
--mqttUsername foo -n MQTT_USERNAME Username of MQTT broker
--mqttPassword bar -w MQTT_PASSWORD Password of MQTT broker
--topicPrefix <topic> -x MQTT_TOPIC_PREFIX Topic prefix tradfri-raw
--topicCommand <topic> -c MQTT_TOPIC_CMD Topic for commands tradfri-cmd
--username <username> -u TRADFRI_USERNAME Username for authentication token
--token <token> -t TRADFRI_TOKEN Authentication token (not the same as PSK!)
--storage <path> -s TRADFRI_STORAGE Path to store data in

Getting updates

tradfri-mqtt will try to observe everything that's being published from the gateway, and mirror the messages into MQTT with the prefix tradfri-raw/.

For example, if the trådfri pushes and update for the lightbulb 65554, the raw json message will be published to the MQTT topic tradfri-raw/15001/65554.

Subscribing to tradfri-raw/# will give you all messages, tradfri-raw/15001/# all accessory updates and tradfri-raw/15004/# all group updates.

Sending commands

Commands to the trådfri gateway can be sent by publishing them to the MQTT topic tradfri-cmd. The payload should be a json-encoded string matching the definition:

export declare type TfCommand = {
    // CoAP Method
    method: "get" | "post" | "put" | "delete" | "reset",
    // URL without any prefixes, i.e. "15001/65540"
    url: string,
    // Optional id of the request, will be included in the reply
    id?: string,
    // Replies will be sent to this MQTT topic
    replyTopic?: string,
    // Payload of the request (for POST or PUT)
    payload?: object|string,

If replyTopic is set, a reply will be sent to that topic. The definition of the reply:

export declare type TfReply = {
    // ID of the request as set in TfCommand
    id?: string,
    // Response code, for example "2.04"
    code: string,
    // Format of the response, 50 = json
    format: number,
    // Payload, if format is json the payload is decoded into an object,
    // otherwise it will be a raw string
    payload: string|object,

Sample requests

Put request

Sent to the tradfri-cmd topic:

  "method": "put",
  "url": "15004/162515",
  "id": "group-set-on",
  "replyTopic": "tradfri-reply/xyz",
  "payload": {
    "5850": 1

Received from the tradfri-reply/xyz topic:

  "id": "group-set-on",
  "code": "2.04",
  "format": null,
  "payload": ""

Get request

Sent to the tradfri-cmd topic:

  "method": "get",
  "url": "15004/162515",
  "id": "group-get",
  "replyTopic": "tradfri-reply/xyz"

Received from the tradfri-reply/xyz topic:

  "id": "group-get",
  "code": "2.05",
  "format": 50,
  "payload": {
    "5850": 1,
    "5851": 0,
    "9001": "Name of group",
    "9002": 1498068278,
    "9003": 162515,
    "9018": {
      "15002": {
        "9003": [65546,65547,65548]
    "9039": 220248
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