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OpenAustralia DevLive

This repository contains additional files needed to build OpenAustralia DevLive
using SUSE Studio.

Directory layout:
|-logo.xcf - GIMP original of the OA DevLive logo
|-logo.png - PNGed copy of the OA DevLive logo
|-kiwi-source - latest copy Kiwi source generated by Studio. See ./README
|-build_files - directory containing overlay files added to the appliance TODO:
 |              add details of where these should be overlaid
 |-php.ini - Enable short_open_tag, add xapian extension
 |-general - Add config, including search db location

Change Log:
0.1.0 - Added

0.0.6 - Alpha version adding

0.0.5 - Web app directory is now the twfy git repo

0.0.4 - Enabled search

0.0.3 – Added git, added Open VM Tools (removed Perl-Error due to a conflict). Firefox bookmarks and start page changed

0.0.2 – Added data to DB

0.0.1 – First alpha release. Basic web app running
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