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Written in spirit of anko, it aims to make JavaFX app development less painful with the help of Kotlin technologies.

  • Full of helpers for common JavaFX operations.
  • Write dynamic layout with Kotlin DSL.
  • Use coroutines directly from JavaFX API.


repositories {
dependencies {
    // all the main artifacts combined
    compile "com.hendraanggrian.ktfx:ktfx:$version"

    // or download separately
    compile "com.hendraanggrian.ktfx:ktfx-commons:$version"
    compile "com.hendraanggrian.ktfx:ktfx-layouts:$version"
    compile "com.hendraanggrian.ktfx:ktfx-coroutines:$version"

    // third-party artifacts, also available individually
    compile "com.hendraanggrian.ktfx:ktfx-controlsfx:$version"
    compile "com.hendraanggrian.ktfx:ktfx-jfoenix:$version"

Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.

Ktfx Commons

Full of extensions for JavaFX, packaged accordingly. The main goal of core library is not to add any new feature to the existing JavaFX APIs. Below are preview of some packages.


// create unmodifiable observable collection
val emptyUnmodifiableList = emptyObservableList()
val unmodifiableList = observableListOf(1)

// create modifiable observable collection
val emptyModifiableList = mutableObservableListOf()
val modifiableList = mutableObservableListOf(1, 2, 3)

// convert existing
val list = myList.toObservableList() // or toMutableObservableList() for modifiable version


// infix conditional binding
button.disableProperty().bind(firstName.textProperty().isEmpty or lastName.textProperty().isEmpty)

// operator binding for number properties
totalProperty.bind(qtyProperty * priceProperty)

// infix binding for number properties
loginButton.disableProperty().bind(passwordField.textProperty.length() less 4)

// custom binding
label.graphicProperty().bind(stringBindingOf(listView.selectionModel.selectedIndexProperty()) {
    "${listView.selectionModel.selectedIndex} selected"
imageView.imageProperty().bind(bindingOf(urlField.textProperty()) {


// show an alert
alert("Here's an alert").show()

// show a confirmation alert and wait for input
confirmAlert("Are you sure?").showAndWait()

// custom init a text input dialog
inputDialog("Question #1") {
    contentText = "Why does the chicken cross the road?"
    editor.promptText = "Hint"

// a choice dialog
choiceDialog("Pick an item", ImageView("/my/image.png"), items)

// show a custom dialog
dialog<String>("Who's a little piggy?") {
    content = ...
    customButton("What's a piggy?") {
        // explain what a piggy is
    resultConverter {
        if(it == button1)  "Me" else null

Ktfx Layouts

Generate JavaFX layouts, controls, shapes, and charts with Kotlin DSL. It's a direct replacement of FXML files.

gridPane {
    gaps = 8
    label("First name") row 0 col 0
    val firstName = textField() row 0 col 1
    label("Last name") row 1 col 0
    val lastName = textField() row 1 col 1
    button("Say hello") {
        onAction {
            infoAlert("Hello, ${firstName.text} ${lastName.text}!")
    } row 2 col 1 hpos HPos.RIGHT

Layouts preview.

Ktfx Coroutines

Based on the kotlinx.coroutines library, it allows invoking JavaFX EventHandler the coroutine way.

button.setOnAction {
    doSomethingInBackground()// might freeze UI

button.onAction(CommonPool) {
    doSomethingInBackground() // non-blocking in common pool
    launch(FX) {


Work in progress.


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