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the place to find the kernel modul for the BSC Slave of the raspberry pi
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Here you can find the source code of the BSC-SLAVE kernel module for the BCM2835 ARM soc used for the raspberry pi. I have tested it for the rasperry pi 2 but it should work for the model B+ too.

There is a precompiled version of the module available (bsc-slave.ko) wich you can simply insert with

#> insmod bsc-slave.ko

It is compiled for the kernel version 3.18.12-v7+

If you d'ont have this kernel version (verify with: uname -r)you need to compile the module yourself. This is what the Makefile is for.

There are many possibilities. I chose installing rpi-update. You can find instructions on:

Than you need to install the kernel sources. Instructions you can find on:

The file: i2ccat.c is just an exemple of how to talk to the i2c controller of the pi. You give yourself a slave address and than read the FIFOs by means of the read and write system call.

This is my first kernel module and I am not a professional programmer so I would be glad if someone more experienced makes this module better. At the moment only one process can access the bus.

The controller also supports SPI Slave mode. I had no chance to make that running. If you do I would be very happy if you could complete the module.

SDA is on GPIO18 (PIN HEADER 12) while SCL is on GPIO19 (PIN HEADER 35)

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