Sass CSS converter for Jekyll based on jekyll-less
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Less for Jekyll

This gem provides a Jekyll converter for Sass files.

Basic Setup

Install the gem:

[sudo] gem install jekyll-sass

In a plugin file within your Jekyll project's _plugins directory:

# _plugins/my-plugin.rb
require "jekyll-sass"

Place .scss files anywhere in your Jekyll project's directory. These will be converted to .css files with the same directory path and filename. For example, if you create a Less file at _css/my-stuff/styles.scss, then the corresponding css file would end up at css/my-stuff/styles.css.

Bundler Setup

Already using bundler to manage gems for your Jekyll project? Then just add

gem "jekyll-sass"

to your gemfile and create the following plugin in your projects _plugins directory. I've called mine bundler.rb. This will automatically require all of the gems specified in your Gemfile.

# _plugins/bundler.rb
require "rubygems"
require "bundler/setup"


This gem is based on Roger López's jekyll-less.