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Co-authored-by: Hendrik Kleinwaechter <>

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September 27, 2023 17:23

The Sourdough Framework

The sourdough framework is an open-source book dedicated to helping you to make the best possible sourdough bread at home.

The book cover

Rather than providing recipes this book intends to provide a framework that enables you to bake bread in your respective environment. Every flour, every sourdough, and every home setup is different. This makes following recipes without background information so hard and a fail-prone endeavor. This book intends to close that gap.


4 years after launching the repositories the-bread-code and pizza-dough I created this project to merge the knowledge together. This project intends to go one step deeper into the workings of natural fermentation. At the same time as many scientific references as possible are provided.

A whole wheat sourdough bread

🍞 Baking the book (Docker)


Then you can check out the file book/book.pdf

If you want to 🍞 bake all the versions including ebook formats (.pdf, .epub, .mobi, .azw3) run:

make bake

You can check the files in the folder book/release/

🍞 Baking the book locally (LaTeX)

Make sure you have biber and latexmk installed. Refer to your system's installation instructions for LaTeX. To create the serif .pdf format, run:

cd book/

If you want to 🍞 bake all the versions including ebook formats (.pdf, .epub, .mobi, .azw3) run:

cd book/
make bake

You can check the files in the folder book/release/

You can get some help on building various versions with:

cd book/
make help

Compiled versions

The below versions are automatically built on every push to the main branch.

There's an additional enhanced accessibility version using a sans serif font:

The ebook files in .mobi and .azw3 have been retired, please let us know if you were using them.

Online HTML version (WIP)

Head over to

To build the website make sure to have the ruby version installed specified in website/.ruby-version.

cd book/
make website

Alternatively you can build the website directly with Docker:

make website

Hardcover version

There is a hardcover version of the book available for purchase. You can read more details here.


Did you find a typo, or feel the wording could be improved? Feel free to open up a pull request at any time.

I believe that the knowledge this book provides is essential to everyone. That's why I decided to open source my knowledge hoping that it will reach more people all over the world without budget constraints.

If you would like to contribute with a small donation you can do so via my ko-fi page. Your donation will tremendously help me to cover costs related to running the-bread-code. It furthermore allows me to dedicate time to continuously update and improve this book.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

CC BY-SA 4.0