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Only Linux is supported. You will need:

  • Python 3
  • Vita SDK
  • Uglify JS (Ubuntu 16.04 package node-uglify) tested version 2.4.15
  • Other standard tools that you should already have installed, such as openssl, dd, cat, touch

All tools should be in your PATH.

Run ./ to build everything. This script first cleans up all build directories and then builds the exploit.


It's useful to have everything be automatically rebuilt when a source file changes. To achieve that, install entr and execute in a separate termina:

while sleep 1; do find krop/ payload/ urop/ webkit/ | entr -d ./ ; done

Then when you change a source file (or add a new one), everything will be automatically rebuilt. Note that if you add a new directory, you will need to update the script.


Distribute only the files from the output directory, don't distribute any other files.

There are two versions of the exploit, located in the output directory. Either can be served using any regular web server (e.g. python3 -m http.server).

The offline payload is for running with the Email client. The web payload is for running on the Browser app.


To run the exploit, first cold boot your Vita, then navigate to exploit.html. The following situations are possible:

  • browser doesn't display any alert()s and displays a gray "Please wait..." screen after a few seconds: this is normal, allow up to 10 reloads before the exploit actually triggers
  • you get a "trigger" alert(), then nothing happens: the exploit succeeded
  • you get a "trigger" alert(), then the browser crashes: the exploit failed, retry it a few times, then reboot the Vita and try again
  • you get a "trigger" alert(), then the system crashes: that shouldn't happen, try the exploit again