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HENkaku Offline Installer


To install the exploit (You need internet connection to install the exploit, but not to run it):

  • First, install and activate HENkaku
  • Install the vpk (Found under releases)
  • Make sure unsafe homebrew is allowed (molecularShell->press Start button->Enable unsafe homebrew->on)
  • Launch offlineInstaller bubble
  • Follow the instructions: press CROSS to install

NOTE: Do not delete the bubble after the exploit is installed. You should redo the installation when you have internet access to ensure that you get the latest version of HENkaku.


To run the exploit:

  • Reboot your PS Vita
  • Disable Wi-Fi
  • Open Email app. If at some point it asks you to enable wifi, press "No". If you have wifi switched on, the message list will not load.
  • If you have multiple email accounts, select "HENkaku Offline"
  • Select "Inbox", then click on the first email
  • Wait about 10-20 seconds. You might get a "Please wait" screen multiple times. You might also get an "An error has occurred" screen multiple times. If you get any of these more than five times in a row, reboot your Vita and try again.
  • You should see the same screen as with online installation (black screen with text and molecule logo)


To uninstall the exploit:

  • Launch offlineInstaller
  • Press CIRCLE to uninstall