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An underwater one-button real-time strategy game.
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==                 PAX BRITANNICA                 ==
==    One-button real-time strategy for GAMMA4    ==


The game can be played with one player versus the 
computer, or up to four players head-to-head. Simply
press 'A' on the title screen to join the game.
Other players can join as long as the 5-second 
countdown doesn't run out. The 'a', 'f', 'h' and 'l'
keys are mapped to players 1-4. Alternately, you can
play with Xbox controllers.


The game is controlled entirely with one button,
the 'A' button on the Xbox 360 controller.

Holding down the button spins the needle on the
radial menu in the middle of the player's factory
ship. The needle will only travel as far as the
player's current resources allow. Resources (gold?
seaweed? who knows!) accumulate over time.

Releasing the button creates a ship that corresponds
to the quadrant that the needle is pointing at.

1 : FIGHTER  Small, fast and cheap. Great at chasing
             down Bombers.
2 : BOMBER   Shoots slow projectiles that do
             massive damage!
3 : FRIGATE  A great hulk of a ship that fires
             volleys of heat-seeking torpedoes.
4 : UPGRADE  Improve your factory ship to accumulate
             resources more quickly.

                _.-''    |      '-..                    
             ,-'         |          '-.                 
           ,'            |             '.               
         ,'              |               '\             
        /                |                 `            
       /                 |                  `.          
      /        4         |        1          \          
     |                   |                    |         
     |                   |                    |         
    |                    |                     |        
    '.                   |                    .'        
     |                   |                    |         
      |                  |                   .'         
       \       3         |        2          /          
        \                |                 ,'           
         `               |                /             
          '.             |              ,'              
            '-.          |           _,'           
               '-._      |       _,-'                   
Ships you spawn fight automatically using the latest
in artificial aquatelligence technology.

The player who keeps their factory ship alive wins!


Game Design and Programming:
    Henk Boom
    Renaud Bédard
    Matthew Gallant

    Daniel Burton

    Ben Abraham
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