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base: 6a7404b577
head fork: henke66/xbmc
compare: 32bc1fc3ad
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Commits on May 02, 2012
@FernetMenta FernetMenta threads: add missing exceptions handlers c48fcdd
Commits on May 11, 2012
vdrfan changed: reduce dbus message log spam - bumped to loglevel >= 5 (LOG_…
vdrfan changed: reduce udisks message log spam - bumped to loglevel >= 5 (LO…
vdrfan changed: moved the logging of mounted and approved devices to LOGINFO…
@davilla davilla [osx] cosmetic refactor to clean up this mess a06687f
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fix broken build d52f8d4
@Memphiz Memphiz [darwin-deps] - force libsdl to only onejob (doesn't handle it solid) 4173553
@Memphiz Memphiz [fix] - reapply fix for airtunes with AE which was lost during merge ab175ba
@Memphiz Memphiz [PAPlayer] - tell ae the channel layout for airtunes codec 729bf77
@davilla davilla [osx] refactor sub-classes out of CoreAudioAEHALOSX into their own files 58eb3f7
@Memphiz Memphiz [darwin-deps] - force libGLEW to only onejob (doesn't handle it solid) a3f80fb
@Memphiz Memphiz [fix] - fix fileio wrapping after sdk bump (fixes splash screen and m…
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed, m_machThreadPort was not init'ed correctly, refactor…
… it out and clean up GetAbsoluteUsage
Commits on May 12, 2012
@DDDamian DDDamian Revert "some missed VS2010 project file cleanup"
This reverts commit 43bb6e1.

Note: this commit was causing a start-up crash on win32 platforms. Moved the files currently needed to run into filter "threads". Ping/msg/email me for crashdumps etc. This is just a temp fix to get nightlies stable again.
@CrystalP CrystalP [WIN] fix crash on start due to not correctly setting thread name
Follow MS example closely, __try/__except is the way to catch the
exceptions when the thread doesn't have a handler to transcode to
regular C++ exceptions.
We don't have such a handler since the thread refactor and this is a
platform specific file, so no there is no problem using an MS language
@CrystalP CrystalP Revert "Revert "some missed VS2010 project file cleanup""
This reverts commit 7cdf18c.

The root issue for the startup crash was addressed, this temp workaround is
not needed anymore.
@davilla davilla fixed, missing thumbs in filemode ee6fc2f
@davilla davilla [osx] remove CCoreAudioGraph::ShowGraph, it does a CAShow which dumps…
… to console
@davilla davilla [osx] fixed build, missed two fedd45a
@davilla davilla [osx] cosmetics and public before private please 8f44b91
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Only Show system temp units on home if weather te…
…mp is fetched
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Have to use an old school weather label in home i…
…n order for weather to refresh on startup and not only on weather window open
@davilla davilla [osx] cosmetics and clean up de15dbb
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] bad coding by me cc1e67c
@davilla davilla [osx] fixed build under xcode4, someone is moving includes around in …
Jonathan Marshall SetCondenseWhiteSpace(false) was lost in the move to system tinyxml 64dbd93
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Error in log file about not finding background image 694a759
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Moved "Hide Background Fanart" setting down to …
…the Backgrounds Sub category
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Cosmetics 58d9a80
Jonathan Marshall don't use LIKE for strFileName compares, as stack://, rar:// and zip:…
…// use strFileName to store the complete paths, and mysql + DOS style paths == fail. Fixes #9022.
Jonathan Marshall another instance of downloading actor thumbs for back-compat - make s…
…ure we check the silly setting first
Jonathan Marshall ensure we clear art prior to setting up the list for (re)fetching scr…
…aped info on-thread
Jim Carroll Merge pull request #921 from FernetMenta/threads
Threads: add missing exception handlers.

I will be adding a PR to remove the circular dependency and provide a common, non-platform specific exception.
@drmonty drmonty add missing PulseAE-folder in include 9471d32
@chadoe chadoe fixed: replaygain was only applied for amplification, not for attenua…
@CrystalP CrystalP [WIN] hook up logger of threading library at app start da11ad7
@CrystalP CrystalP [WIN] give a bit more context in thread exception logging 22980d8
Memphis [cosmetic] - fixed warnings, unneeded unsigned int checks, faulty mem…
@Montellese Montellese webserver: add logging of called URLs 3dbd083
@Memphiz Memphiz [osx] - get rid of carbon dependency in winsystemosx 637d3ea
@Memphiz Memphiz [cosmetic] - nothing to see here e790858
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: fix JSON schema for JSON type definitions with multiple comp…
…lex types
@davilla davilla [osx] changed, kill off the last usage of carbon API, we are now carb…
…on free
@elupus elupus Merge pull request #960 from drmonty/patch-1
Correct invalid PulseAE include after engine move
@Montellese Montellese dateadded: make sure we don't add a datetime located in the future (f…
…ixes #12998)
@Montellese Montellese websocket: use memcpy instead of strncpy if there can be \0 values in…
… the copied buffer (fixes #12995)
@davilla davilla [osx] fixed, do not include dcr.o, it is a standalong binary with a main 9203a7c
@davilla davilla [osx] fixed, since native texturepacker uses SDL from depends, look f…
…or x86_64 in CXXFLAGS as a hint to build it 32 or 64 bit
@davilla davilla [osx] fixed, HRESULT and ULONG in CFPlugInCOM.h collides with ours, d…
…o not include it, change int to boolean_t for which is what CGDisplayBestModeForParameters wants
@davilla davilla [osx] kAudioHardwarePropertyDevices needs a UInt32, not size_t, UInt3…
…2 is a different size depending if i386 or x86_64
@davilla davilla [osx] fixed, m_audioUnit is a pointer which has a different size bepe…
…nding on i386 vs x86_64
@davilla davilla [osx] cosmetics 341e545
@davilla davilla [osx] use CVPixelBufferGetBytesPerRow to set GL_UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH d0edf81
@davilla davilla [osx] changed 1) we welcome our new x86_64 overloads, enable building…
… xbmc for x86_64. 2) set sdk to 10.6 instead of 'current' to cut down of sdk differences. 3) purge osx project of unused frameworks including carbon
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed, sed on 10.7 seems sensitive 8b5ef79
@davilla davilla [ios] fixed, ios depends build on xcode4/10.7 9a27da9
Commits on May 13, 2012
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed i386/x86_64 pick for native compile of libsquash and …
Jonathan Marshall default the type param of GetWrappedImageURL to empty to save specify…
…ing it all the time
Jonathan Marshall adds UnwrapImageURL() to unwrap trivially wrapped image://<get_encode…
…d_path>/ urls
Jonathan Marshall ensure GetWrappedImageURL() doesn't wrap already wrapped URLs a21766a
Jonathan Marshall make sure all calls into the TextureCache check and unwrap trivially …
…wrapped images
Jonathan Marshall adds image:// file protocol as a wrapper for texture cache, to be use…
…d for JSON-RPC images
Jonathan Marshall factor out CVideoThumbLoader::FillLibraryArt 5ce4a5b
Jonathan Marshall move thumbnail handling in the JSON-RPC FileItemHandler into where fa…
…nart handling is done
Jonathan Marshall JSON-RPC can now use the image:// wrapped URLs for video and picture art e75baf2
Jonathan Marshall use wrapped image URLs for the http-api video+picture art 46e6b0b
Jonathan Marshall cleanup: remove unused texturecache functions d203824
Jonathan Marshall cleanup: GetCachedImage -> HasCachedImage, CacheTexture -> CacheImage a52e179
@Montellese Montellese webserver: add handler for image:// 4187d2e
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: adjust Files.PrepareDownload for HTTP to use the new image h…
@Montellese Montellese [webinterface.default] make sure to URL-encode any image-paths return…
…ed by JSON-RPC when calling http://<ip>:<port>/vfs/
@Memphiz Memphiz [fix] - fixing compile error in Goom visualisation - thx rene-ww f1835ac
@Memphiz Memphiz [osx/ios/atv2] - fix nameserver ip fetching when search domain is set 3a33361
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed, use an absolute path setup by depends configure to l…
…ocate Makefile.buildtools
Commits on May 14, 2012
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed depends build on a neked xcode4, install help2man dur…
…ing bootstrap as autoconfig needs it
@davilla davilla [osx] 1) fixed, incorrect path to CoreFoundation.framework, was an ab…
…solute path into 10.4sdk which does not exist under xcode3/xcode4 on osx 10.7. 2) xcode project cleanup
@davilla davilla [osx] fixed build on xcode4, now that we are actually using CoreFound…
…ation.framework (headers and libs) revert these defines
@davilla davilla [osx] remove stale 10.4 sdk reference c3f1627
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #958 from jmarshallnz/image_vfs
Image VFS support for JSON-RPC - fixes #13010
@davilla davilla changed, remove include of SDL/SDL.h and put it where it is used 899f6f3
@davilla davilla temp 65725a5
@davilla davilla fixed, symbol collision on clang x86_64 a9d1e45
@davilla davilla [osx] remove unused includes ebd66cb
@davilla davilla [osx] fix the real cause of the ULONG, HRESULT typedef differences fd173a6
spiff [AE] added: PulseAE::EnumerateOutputDevices 7f0d039
spiff cosmetics f373a7d
spiff remove unneeded code 7039846
Fneufneu [OSS] prepend shortname to displayName
because device can have the same longname
spiff [AE] fixed: lock PulseAE on stream removal c576d65
spiff [AE] added: implement mute handling in PulseAE 6f40b50
Commits on May 15, 2012
@davilla davilla [ios] fixed ios build, HRESULT and ULONG only collide on osx 6014bd6
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed ios ffmpeg configure, patch out ffmpeg configure insi…
…sting on using ' ' as that fails with clang, refactor the configure of ffmpeg to allow passing -as= when expands to multiple items
@Memphiz Memphiz [cosmetic] - fixed line endings after goom fix 867d468
@davilla davilla fix compiler warning b4dd26f
Memphis [fix] - fix include of boost_ptr.hpp which is a sys include - not local 93e1ab7
@davilla davilla [osx] back to libkern/OSTypes.h, make xcode_depends can not see MacTy…
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] refactor includes and fix compiler warnings, someone really…
… needs to learn the difference between local and system includes
@Memphiz Memphiz [CA/AE] - fix - when stream is drained its counter productive to drai…
…n even more
@Memphiz Memphiz [cosmetic] - unneeded checks f2aa5bc
Commits on May 16, 2012
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed, when using llvm-gcc-4.2 as the assmebler, file depen…
…dency was borked resulting in a hard to rm and mystery -.d file in lib/ffmpeg
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] cosmetics, super long lines are hard to read dd64e65
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] refactor UInt32ToFourCC into a simple string init 2e8ed55
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] fixed, framedrops when 'o' OSD is up. do not sleep long her…
…e, we are holding a lock in DVDAudio
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] better fix, sleep (1ms min) only as much as we need to make…
… room, also no need to recheck size or data, they have already been checked.
@davilla davilla [osx/ios] cleanup with no logic changes, mostly cosmetics 617a0ff
@anssih anssih fixed: CRarFile::Read() returning wrong data after some seek patterns
Certain seek patterns on a file inside a non-compressed rar file can
cause CmdExtract::UnstoreFile() to think that the destination buffer has
been filled (as DestUnpSize counter, originally set to the file size,
reaches zero).

However, counting written bytes using DestUnpSize doesn't make sense for
the UnpackToMemory codepath used for non-compressed rar files, as there
can be seeks which can eventually cause more data to be read than what
the actual file size was. The actual output buffer is internally handled
by ComprDataIO.

The check in UnstoreFile() will result in not all data being written to
the destination buffer, causing CRarFile::Read() to return old stale

Fix that by dropping the unnecessary DestUnpSize handling in
UnpackToMemory codepath of CmdExtract::UnstoreFile().
@anssih anssih fixed: rars that have unpacked size stored on first volume only
Some multi-volume RAR files have their unpacked size set as 0 in all
volumes except the first one.

Use the previous unpacked size instead of 0 in such cases in order to
support such files properly.
@anssih anssih fixed: crashes with corrupted rar files
UnrarXLib does not handle invalid files gracefully enough, and some
files can cause it to tell CRarFile that it has written more data into
its buffer than actually fits there, causing CRarFile::Read() to
eventually overread the buffer.

Add checks in CRarFile for the validity of byte counts retrieved from
UnrarXLib to prevent crashes in such situations.
@davilla davilla [arm] fixed, missing align4 and bogus warnings on unreferenced lables 03abb0b
@davilla davilla [ios] fixed, clang does not like this arm asm, phi need some help here 354381b
@davilla davilla [ios] fixed, xcode4 flags this as errors, move them into include inte…
…rface def