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2008-12-06 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Lib/Constants.cs: Add a handful of extra contants.
* Lib/Codec.cs: Put here the coding/encoding routines that were
originally in egit's lib/ class
* Lib/*: Align some API doc comments, add some API docs.
* Lib/RefDatabase.cs (Peel): Implement.
* Lib/Constants.cs: Put all the constants here (not sure where
some new constants should have gone).
* Lib/Ref.cs: Update to support `Peeled' property and
`OriginalName' from newer eGits.
2008-12-03 Miguel de Icaza <>
* test.cs: make the sample program dump all the refs.
* Lib/Repository.cs: Expose GetAllRefs.
* Lib/RefDatabase.cs (ReadOneLooseRef): Do not crash if the
refName is not present in the looseKeys.
(RefreshPackedRefs): If the packed-refs file does not exist, do
not try to continue, it would otherwise crash.
* Lib/WindowedFile.cs: Implement another file from the original
Java implementation.
* Lib/PackIndex.cs: Fix indentation of comment.
* Lib/WindowCursor.cs: Implement.
2008-12-02 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Lib/ByteArrayWindow.cs: Implement the functionality for
ByteArrayWindow, do not derive from ByteWindow which is a design
in the original Java implementation to use two different backends
for storage.
We could achieve the same in a cleaner way than the original
implementation if we choose to do so using an interface.