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1. install libGUIb:
cd to libGUIb and run ruby install.rb (on linux
this requires superuser privileges)
2. install foxGUIb:
you can copy foxGUIb's directory where ever you want to.
3. you are done.
* go to the foxGUIb directory and run foxGUIb either by:
* double-clicking on foxGUIb-win32.rbw (on windows)
* typing ruby foxGUIb.rb (on *nix-like systems)
* to release files generated by foxGUIb you might want to
distribute them together with libGUIb16.rb which has been
packed into a single file for your convenience. you can
find libGUIb16.rb in the directory ./libGUIb/lib
trouble shooting:
sometimes foxGUIb crashes when you use it in a way that is
different from the way i'm used to use it (hope it happens
very rarely lately).
in case of an abnormal exit have a look at log.txt where
all of foxGUIb's output is redirected to.
please send me a bug report to
(please attach the logfile).