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Complete Current Statement for Eclipse
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Eclipse Complete Current Statement

Drag onto your running Eclipse toolbar to install Complete Current Statement for Eclipse

One of the main features Eclipse is missing is complete current statement shortcut, which adds either semicolon or curly brackets (braces?) at the end of the line, similar to the one in IntelliJ. This plugin tries to shamelessly mock it. As it's just regex comparison, it's nowhere near the level IJ is, but beats nothing.

Default shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Enter in Java and JavaScript Editors, to reassign under keybindings (e.g. opened via double Ctrl+Shift+L ) search for Complete line.

If you also want a new line also to be added whenever semicolon is inserted, use command with default shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N

To install, either


  • Open curly braces after class, method, interface, etc declaration
  • Open curly braces after if (..), try, etc
  • Open brackets after if, while, for, etc
  • Add colon after case
  • Add semicolon in the end of the line, if seems necessary
  • Otherwise just insert new line and jump to it

License information:

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