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Measure the distance to the waste
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LoRaWAN Bin Sensor


Bin sensor based on arduino pro mini transmitting data using LoRaWAN over a RFM95W transceiver module. The small VL53L0X time-of-flight ranging sensor is used to measure the distance to the waste. A 3.6V 18650 battery is used to power the sensor.


See scheme above, scheme is based on Arduino Pro Mini. To reduce power consumption, the leds and the voltage regulator are removed. The battery should be connected to VCC and GND

Future Improvements: Add battery circuit?


Sketch can be found in the src folder.

This is a PlatformIO project, so Atom or Visual Studio Code can be used to programm the 328p

The folowing libarys are used:

Future Improvements: Disable brown out detection.

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