This repository is inteted to create a game using both the theme of #1GAM and Github Game Off jams, which are respectively Harvest and Throwback. The game will be a harvest manager which you will keep decreasing your incomes and throwbacking your production.
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Harvest Throwback

About the game

The game is a manager simulator where you play as the owner of a farm, trying to run your business.

But there are people that don't like how you run your business, you own the means of production, you shouldn't according to they. You should hire more workers instead of buying machines, according to they, you should share your incomes, according to they, you shouldn't use land to profit, according to they.

You have to decide then, shall you keep your property in order to profit, or shall you throwback your harvest capita and see what happens when you drop the means of production?

The main mechanics

The game will run through 4 screens:

  1. A market screen where you can buy and sell property, hire and fire employees
  2. Your storehouse where you keep your property, here is where some events will happen. Rallies against you, news about regulations and new taxes, government control over your production etc...
  3. Your field. Here you can manage your harvest, increase and decrease your terrain in order to stay in accord to the regulations, or just to raise your current receipt by selling your terrain. Here you have access to a timer which tells you the amount of time expended harvesting, you have a deadline to deliver your harvest in order to satisfy your clients and not lose money.
  4. The receipt of this round, where you will have access to your earnings and losses, where you will see if you were successful or not, if you can eat this month or not, if you can keep your current employees or fire them on the next round.