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Backup/Restore scripts for duplicity
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Duplicity backup scripts

Backup/Restore scripts for duplicity with Google drive as backend


  • scripts have to be in /usr/local/sbin/
  • conf.skel needs to be copied to /root/.duplicity/conf and empty vars have to have been configured:
    • PASSPHRASE : GPG passphrase
    • ENCRYPT_KEY : GPG key id
    • REMOTE_DIR : Remote dir, for Google drive: gdocs://YOUR_GMAIL/SOME_DIR/$HOSTNAME
    • BACKDIRS : Dirs to backup, without leading /, e.g.: "home var/lib some/other/dir"
    • EMAIL : Email to send cron mails to
  • include/exclude files have to be in /usr/local/etc/duplicity, and named like this:
    • exclude-common: common patterns that should be ignored for all backups
    • exclude-DIR-HOSTNAME: where DIR is the directory being backed up, where / is replaced with -, e.g. var/log => var-log, HOSTNAME: is the systems hostname