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Actually remove splitjoin.vim

Previously removed from e.g. .gitmodules.
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@henrik authored
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bash Add 'ip' alias to list IPs
bin Add bin/chrome_reload
extras iTerm colors: blacker black
vim Actually remove splitjoin.vim
.gitignore Back to Pathogen and submodules instead of Vundle.
.gitmodules Add vim-rake for :A in non-Rails projects
README.markdown Revert "Vim: ctrlp-cmatcher for faster, better matching."
Rakefile rake install sets up submodules.
ackrc Add .coffee to ackrc.
bash_profile Move work profile loading.
gdbinit .gdbinit to enable Xcode backtraces.
gemrc Clean up gemrc.
gitconfig Simplify "git hist"
gitignore Gitignore ':w' files
inputrc Bash command history search on up/down arrows
irbrc Don't bother with wirble as we have pry.
pryrc Unbreak .pryrc with new Pry.
railsrc Whitespace.
rspec Add .rspec with --color
rubyrc rubyrc/railsrc: detect Rails 4
tmux.conf Show keyboard layout in tmux status bar (if written by some tool).
vimrc Replace autocommands.vim with plugins.


My dotfiles


Clone this repo into ~/.dotfiles:

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Then install the dotfiles:

cd .dotfiles

This rake task will not replace existing files, but it will replace existing symlinks.

The dotfiles will be symlinked, e.g. ~/.bash_profile symlinked to ~/.dotfiles/bash_profile.


Install plugins from submodules:

git submodule update --init


Make it integrate with the OS X system clipboard:

brew install reattach-to-user-namespace


The extras directory contains additional configuration files that are not dotfiles:

  • VibrantInk.itermcolors is a colorscheme for iTerm2 (source).

  • On a new Mac, run ~/.dotfiles/extras/ in the Terminal to change some silly defaults.

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