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" Hit S in command mode to save, as :w<CR> is a mouthful and MacVim
" Command-S is a bad habit when using terminal Vim.
" We overload a command, but use 'cc' for that anyway.
noremap S :w<CR>
" Make Q useful and avoid the confusing Ex mode.
noremap Q <nop>
" Close window.
noremap QQ :q<CR>
" Close a full tab page.
noremap QW :windo bd<CR>
" Close all.
noremap QA :qa<CR>
" Repeat last substitution, including flags, with &.
nnoremap & :&&<CR>
xnoremap & :&&<CR>
" In command-line mode, C-a jumps to beginning (to match C-e).
cnoremap <C-a> <Home>
" Select the text that was last edited/pasted.
nmap gV `[v`]
" Move by screen lines instead of file lines.
noremap <Up> gk
noremap <Down> gj
noremap k gk
noremap j gj
inoremap <Down> <C-o>gj
inoremap <Up> <C-o>gk
" Shift + left/right to switch tabs.
" You may need to map these in iTerm2 prefs to escape
" sequences [1;2C (right) and D (left).
noremap <S-Left> :tabp<CR>
noremap <S-Right> :tabn<CR>
" Un-highlight search matches
nnoremap <leader><leader> :noh<CR>
" Open URL from this line (OS X only).
map <leader>u :call OpenURI()<CR>
" Ack/Quickfix windows
map <leader>q :cclose<CR>
" Center line on previous/next fix.
map - :cprev<CR> zz
map + :cnext<CR> zz
" Center line in previous/next file.
map g- :cpfile<CR> zz
map g+ :cnfile<CR> zz
" Create a split on the given side.
" From via joakimk.
nmap <leader><left> :leftabove vsp<CR>
nmap <leader><right> :rightbelow vsp<CR>
nmap <leader><up> :leftabove sp<CR>
nmap <leader><down> :rightbelow sp<CR>
" Tab/shift-tab to indent/outdent in visual mode.
vnoremap <Tab> >gv
vnoremap <S-Tab> <gv
" Keep selection when indenting/outdenting.
vnoremap > >gv
vnoremap < <gv
" I constantly hit "u" in visual mode when I mean to "y". Use "gu" for those rare occasions.
vnoremap u <nop>
vnoremap gu u
" Used to have this mapped to ":w" because I often accidentally :W when I mean to :w.
" Disabled to see if I can learn to do better.
" It remains as a no-op since I will otherwise trigger fzf.vim's ":Windows" " all the time.
command! W echoerr "Use :w, not :W."
" In command mode, type %% to insert the path of the currently edited file, as a shortcut for %:h<tab>.
cmap %% <C-R>=expand("%:h") . "/" <CR>
" Run tests in tmux.
nmap § :call VimuxRunCommand("rake")<cr>
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead /Users/henrik/Dropbox/Code/exercism/* nmap § :ExercismTest<cr>
" Tell other tmux pane to ctrl+c.
nmap <leader>§ :VimuxInterruptRunner<CR>