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My old, Jekyll-powered personal blog. No longer in use! Replaced with Octopress:

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This repo has been abandoned!

Please see my new blog repo.

The Pug Automatic

This directory contains data for my blog, The Pug Automatic.

It's automatically transformed by my mutated version of Jekyll (Hyde? Mr. Haml?) into a static site. Jekyll was created by Tom Preston-Werner.


I keep my version of Jekyll in ~/Projects/jekyll and add its bin dir to my PATH:

export PATH=~/Projects/jekyll/bin:$PATH

Install gem dependencies:

gem install bundler

Install Pygments for syntax highlighting:

sudo easy_install Pygments

Generate blog with:


The files means you can see the generated site locally with Pow or any other Rack-compatible server. Or use Apache.

If it looks fine, generate and deploy with:



The following directories and their contents are copyrighted by me, Henrik Nyh, unless otherwise mentioned. You may not reuse anything in them without my permission:

  • _posts/
  • images/

All code of mine in the posts is under the MIT License unless otherwise mentioned.

The pug artwork is copyrighted by Johanna Öst, great illustrator and girlfriend.

All other directories and files are under the MIT License, but I ask that you do not use this exact design for another site (you can't have the pug, anyway). The design is based on MIT-licensed work by Tom Preston-Werner.

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