A site to list Hex packages by category.
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The BEAM Toolbox

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A site to list Hex packages by category.

Name borrowed from Josh Adams of Elixir Sips with his blessing.


You are expected to have Elixir, Phoenix (including Node.js and npm) and Postgres installed.

If the default database user and password does not work for you, you can customize it by setting the POSTGRES_USER and/or POSTGRES_PASSWORD environment variables.


mix deps.get
mix ecto.setup
npm install

If you like, populate the database from the Hex API:

mix run -e "Toolbox.PackageSync.run"

And start the web server:

mix phoenix.server

Now visit http://localhost:4000.

Want to wipe the DB and start over?

mix ecto.reset


Get a console with:

iex -S mix

It imports Ecto.Query and aliases things like Toolbox.Repo (see .iex.exs), so you don't have to spell them out.


mix test


Deployed to Dokku. This deploys and then runs migrations, if any:


Get a production console:

ssh henroku
dokku run toolbox "iex -S mix"

How it was set up

Inspired by

Possible future inspirations

License and credits

By Henrik Nyh 2015-11-08 under the MIT license.