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Irssi script for sending Prowl notifications.

Why yet another Irssi-to-Prowl bridge, you ask? Well, basically because I was unhappy with the lack of features in all the existing bridges, I could find.

The aim of this script is to be feature-rich while still being able to function out of the box for the casual user. Patches and feature requests are most welcome.


  • Notifications on hilights
  • Notifications on private messages
  • Notifications on private actions (/me)
  • Setting for always sending notifications, never sending notifications or only sending notifications when Irssi is marked as being away (default)
  • Manual notifications using the /prowl command
  • Regular expressions for including/excluding channels/nicks
  • Customizable priority levels for Prowl notifications
  • Customizable IRC URLs for Prowl notifications (useful for quickly pointing your local iOS IRC client to the right server and channel)
  • Customizable event strings for Prowl notifications


This script depends on the WebService::Prowl perl module. To install this dependency, run the following command in your terminal (Hint: You don't need root access to install perl modules, check out local::lib):

cpan WebService::Prowl

Download and place it in ~/.irssi/scripts/.


To activate the script, run the following commands in Irssi, replacing 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567 with your desired Prowl API key:

/script load prowl
/set prowl_apikey 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567

The script will now send out Prowl notifications whenever Irssi is marked as being away. Prowl notifications can also be sent manually using the /prowl command:

/help prowl
/prowl Hello, world
/prowl -url -priority 2 Check out this cool irssi-prowl script!



To change the priority level of the Prowl notifications for private messages, hilights and the default priority for the /prowl command, use the following settings:

/set prowl_priority_msgs 1
/set prowl_priority_hilight 0
/set prowl_priority_cmd -2

By default, Prowl notifications for private messages and hilights are only sent when Irssi is marked as being away. This can be changed using the following setting:

/set prowl_mode ON
/set prowl_mode OFF
/set prowl_mode AUTO

ON will always send Prowl notifications, OFF will turn off all Prowl notifications except for the /prowl command and AUTO will only send Prowl notifications when Irssi is marked as being away.

To limit which channels/nicks will send Prowl notifications, change the following regular expression settings:

/set prowl_regex_include ^#
/set prowl_regex_exclude ^#noise$

To assist in debugging, turn on the prowl_debug setting:

/set prowl_debug on


To change the Prowl event strings for private messages, hilights and the /prowl command, use the following settings:

/format prowl_event_msgs PM from $0
/format prowl_event_hilight Mentioned in $0
/format prowl_event_cmd Remember

For the first two, $0 will be replaced with the respective channel and $1 will be replaced with the nick.

The format of the URLs passed to Prowl for private messages and hilights can be controlled with the following settings:

/format prowl_url_msgs $0://$1:$3/
/format prowl_url_hilight $0://$1:$3/$4

For both of these, $0 will be replaced with either irc or ircs depending on whether the respective server uses SSL or not. $1 will be replaced with the server address, $2 with the name of the chat network, $3 with the server port number and $4 with the respective nick or channel.

The default URL formats are rather conservative in order to support the largest number of iOS IRC clients. For draft-butcher-irc-url-04 compliant IRC URLs, one could use the following formats:

/format prowl_url_msgs $0://$1:$3/$4,isuser,isserver
/format prowl_url_hilight $0://$2:$3/$4,ischannel,isnetwork


This software is licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. See the script header for the full license text.


Irssi plug-in for sending Prowl notifications






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