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* Notifications on all hilights when away
* Notifications on private messages when away
* Notifications on private actions (``/me``) when away
-* Manual notifications using ``/prowl [-url <url>] [-priority <priority>] <text>``
+* Manual notifications using the ``/prowl`` command
+* Customizable Prowl priority levels
## Installing
@@ -33,9 +34,19 @@ To activate the script, run the following commands in Irssi:
/set prowl_apikey 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567
-You can manually send Prowl notifications using the following command:
+Prowl notifications can be sent manually using the ``/prowl`` command:
- /prowl [-url <url>] [-priority <priority>] <text>
+ /help prowl
+ /prowl Hello, world
+ /prowl -url -priority 2 Check out this cool irssi-prowl script!
+To change the priority of the Prowl notifications for private
+messages, hilights and the default priority for the ``/prowl`` command,
+use the following settings:
+ /set prowl_priority_msgs 1
+ /set prowl_priority_hilight 0
+ /set prowl_priority_cmd -2
To assist in debugging, turn on the following setting:

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