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Scala API for Vaadin Framework


Scaladin makes easier to use Vaadin Framework with Scala programming language. It's a wrapper library that provides a pure Scala API for Vaadin Framework.

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Vaadin Forum is the place for discussion about Scaladin. You can use the existing Vaadin & Scala thread or create your own.

How to use it?

Scaladin 2 is for Vaadin 6 and Scaladin 3 for Vaadin 7. Scaladin 3 requires Scala 2.10. The JAR files and a Maven dependencies for Scaladin can be found from the Vaadin Directory.

The following listing shows what Scaladin 3 code looks like:

package com.example

import vaadin.scala._

class ScaladinExampleUI extends UI {
    content = new Button {
        caption = "Click me!"
        icon = ThemeResource("../runo/icons/16/globe.png")
        clickListeners +="Hello World!")

The easiest way to test Scaladin 2 is to use Risto's giter8 template that generates a sbt project:

> g8 ripla/vaadin-scala
<answer questions, enter for defaults>
> cd <project dir>
> sbt container:start ~aux-compile

After the above commands you have a working Scaladin application running on http://localhost:8080. You can even edit the generated Application class and changes are affected to the browser. In order to import your project into Eclipse, you have to say:

> sbt eclipse

That generates needed Eclipse configuration files into the project.


The following people have contributed code or ideas to Scaladin:

  • Matti Heinola
  • Henri Kerola
  • Henri Muurimaa
  • Risto Yrjänä


Scaladin is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Developing the library

Wiki has a page about Developing the Library.

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