A Visual 3D editor for creating stunning impress.js presentations
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Impressionist is a prototype and concept to build a visual (wysiwyg) editor for creating impress.js presentations. The idea is to use Electron to make the browser based impress.js presentation into a proper desktop app that can open and save files. TinyMCE is integrated to provide the editing capability.

Current status is that you can open a presentations (such as the ones under templates/) then move, add or remove slides and edit their contents with TinyMCE. You can't really modify the style of slides, or have different kinds of slides. For that you'd still have to edit raw CSS and HTML.



Pre-requisites: git, node 6.5+ and npm

    git clone --recursive https://github.com/henrikingo/impressionist.git
    cd impressionist
    npm install
    npm start

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Repository organization

Electron main process

  • main.js
  • src/main/*

Browser process / Electron renderer process

  • src/impressionist.*
  • src/lib/*.js
  • src/plugins/*

...where lib functions are common utility functions and called synchronously. plugins are features, implemented as anonymous closures, and use the event based communication mechanism familiar from impress.js.

Use npm build or just node build.js to build the above into js/impressionist.js and css/impressionist.css.