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HstWB Installer for Amibian

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HstWB Installer supports latest Amibian v1.4.1001 and comes with a launcher menu to simplify Amibian usage and installation of HstWB Installer images.


HstWB Installer for Amibian has following prerequisites:

  • Internet connection: Wired or WiFi configured with wifi command.

Optional preparation

Amibian doesn't come with any prepared emulator configurations or Amiga hard drives. HstWB Installer for Amibian can install HstWB Installer image to simplify such installation and this requires preparing a FAT32 formatted USB stick with Amiga OS and Kickstart files.

This is optional and is only required for installation of new emulator configurations or Amiga hard drives using prebuild HstWB Installer images.

Download and prepare USB self install to install HstWB Installer image

  1. Download USB self install.
  2. Unzip to root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick.
  3. Copy Amiga OS and Kickstart files to USB stick:
    1. Automatically using Cloanto Amiga Forever:
      1. Insert Cloanto Amiga Forever cd/dvd-rom or mount iso.
      2. Windows: Double-click "hstwb_image_setup.cmd" in Windows Explorer.
      3. macOS: Double-click "hstwb_image_setup.command" in macOS Finder.
      4. Ubuntu: Double-click "HstWB Image Setup" in Ubuntu Files.
      5. Linux: Type "./" and press enter in terminal.
    2. Manually:
      1. Copy Amiga OS 3.9 iso, Amiga OS 3.1.4 or 3.1 adf files to "amigaos" directory on USB stick.
      2. Copy Kickstart roms to "kickstart" directory on USB stick. Kickstart 3.1.4 or 3.1 is required for Amiga emulators as HstWB Installer uses A1200 configurations to run HstWB Installer. Kickstart 1.3 and others required for WHDLoad should also be copied for automated inatallation.
  4. Insert USB stick in Raspberry Pi before starting installation of HstWB Installer for Amibian.


From Amibian console HstWB Installer can be installed with following steps:

  1. Change directory to home directory:
cd ~
  1. Download HstWB Installer with git clone command:
git clone
  1. If HstWB Installer is already installed, it can be updated with git pull command:
git pull
  1. Install HstWB Installer with command:

Follow the dialog messages to complete installation of HstWB Installer for Amibian.

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