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# coding: utf-8
Implements conditional aggregates.
This code was based on the work of others found on the internet:
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import six
import django
from django.db.models.aggregates import Aggregate as DjangoAggregate
from django.db.models.sql.aggregates import Aggregate as DjangoSqlAggregate
VERSION = django.VERSION[:2]
class SqlAggregate(DjangoSqlAggregate):
conditional_template = '%(function)s(CASE WHEN %(condition)s THEN %(field)s ELSE null END)'
def __init__(self, col, source=None, is_summary=False, condition=None, **extra):
super(SqlAggregate, self).__init__(col, source, is_summary, **extra)
self.condition = condition
def relabel_aliases(self, change_map):
if VERSION < (1, 7):
super(SqlAggregate, self).relabel_aliases(change_map)
if self.has_condition:
condition_change_map = dict((k, v) for k, v in \
change_map.items() if k in self.condition.query.alias_map
def relabeled_clone(self, change_map):
return super(SqlAggregate, self).relabeled_clone(change_map)
def as_sql(self, qn, connection):
if self.has_condition:
self.sql_template = self.conditional_template
self.extra['condition'] = self._condition_as_sql(qn, connection)
return super(SqlAggregate, self).as_sql(qn, connection)
def has_condition(self):
# Warning: bool(QuerySet) will hit the database
return self.condition is not None
def _condition_as_sql(self, qn, connection):
Return sql for condition.
def escape(value):
if isinstance(value, bool):
value = str(int(value))
if isinstance(value, six.string_types):
# Escape params used with LIKE
if '%' in value:
value = value.replace('%', '%%')
# Escape single quotes
if "'" in value:
value = value.replace("'", "''")
# Add single quote to text values
value = "'" + value + "'"
return value
sql, param = self.condition.query.where.as_sql(qn, connection)
param = map(escape, param)
return sql % tuple(param)
class SqlSum(SqlAggregate):
sql_function = 'SUM'
class SqlCount(SqlAggregate):
is_ordinal = True
sql_function = 'COUNT'
sql_template = '%(function)s(%(distinct)s%(field)s)'
conditional_template = '%(function)s(%(distinct)sCASE WHEN %(condition)s THEN %(field)s ELSE null END)'
def __init__(self, col, distinct=False, **extra):
super(SqlCount, self).__init__(col, distinct=distinct and 'DISTINCT ' or '', **extra)
class SqlAvg(SqlAggregate):
is_computed = True
sql_function = 'AVG'
class SqlMax(SqlAggregate):
sql_function = 'MAX'
class SqlMin(SqlAggregate):
sql_function = 'MIN'
class Aggregate(DjangoAggregate):
def __init__(self, lookup, only=None, **extra):
super(Aggregate, self).__init__(lookup, **extra)
self.only = only
self.condition = None
def _get_fields_from_Q(self, q):
fields = []
for child in q.children:
if hasattr(child, 'children'):
return fields
def add_to_query(self, query, alias, col, source, is_summary):
if self.only:
self.condition = query.model._default_manager.filter(self.only)
for child in self._get_fields_from_Q(self.only):
field_list = child[0].split('__')
# Pop off the last field if it's a query term ('gte', 'contains', 'isnull', etc.)
if field_list[-1] in query.query_terms:
# setup_joins have different returns in Django 1.5 and 1.6, but the order of what we need remains.
result = query.setup_joins(field_list, query.model._meta, query.get_initial_alias(), None)
join_list = result[3]
fname = 'promote_alias_chain' if VERSION < (1, 5) else 'promote_joins'
args = (join_list, True) if VERSION < (1, 7) else (join_list,)
promote = getattr(query, fname)
aggregate = self.sql_klass(col, source=source, is_summary=is_summary, condition=self.condition, **self.extra)
query.aggregates[alias] = aggregate
class Sum(Aggregate):
name = 'Sum'
sql_klass = SqlSum
class Count(Aggregate):
name = 'Count'
sql_klass = SqlCount
class Avg(Aggregate):
name = 'Avg'
sql_klass = SqlAvg
class Max(Aggregate):
name = 'Max'
sql_klass = SqlMax
class Min(Aggregate):
name = 'Min'
sql_klass = SqlMin
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