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A simple Text Interface Engine to control text output (like in a RPG dialogue) for Godot.

The "Cave-Story" font was created by enigmansmp1824; it's CC-BY-SA licensed, and can be found in

A simple demonstration video:


This is the Godot v3.x version of the plugin; for Godot v2.x compatibility, check the Godot_v2.x branch.


  • Control the velocity in which the text is going to be displayed! (Even text dialogues can have emotions!)
  • Adjust visually the Interface size, so it can fit it in any Dialogue box you want! The script will handle the maximum number of lines and characters!
  • Buffer texts, inputs, and breaks in the Dialogue, with easy to use methods!
  • Control the Dialogue flow from the outside with the available user signals!
  • Use tags on specific parts of your text! (In a RPG, you may want to show specific animations during certain parts of the dialogue; e.g. a "!" question mark popup in the head of a character in one of the moments of the dialogue)
  • User scroll friendly; Log all the text printed; auto-clip words; and more!

Take a look at the 'public' methods in the script and the export variables available; it should give you a hint about the stuff you can easily customize in the engine!


You'll need the Godot Engine to do this.

To use GodotTIE as an Addon:

  1. Copy the "addons" folder to your project.
  2. Enable GodotTIE addon on "Project Settings".
  3. Instance a TextInterfaceEngine node to your scene.



  • 17/05/20:
    • Merged jacopofar pull-request: Allow arbitraty Unicode I/O
    • Merged aaronfranke pull-request: Update gitignore
    • Rearrenged files so it's easier to download the plugin from Godot AssetLib.
  • 13/03/18:
    • Merged dalton5000 pull-request: Added Godot 3.x compatibility!
    • Added new branch for Godot 2.x version of the addon.
  • 10/10/17:
    • Corrected Issue of last lines not appearing on very large texts.
  • 10/05/17:
    • Merged radicaled pull-request: Added "buff_clear" as a new buff to reset the text.
  • 30/04/17:
    • Merged radicaled pull-request: Changed add_user_signal to signal keyword.
  • 08/12/16:
    • Font-overriding bug (max_lines) corrected by David Paiva!
    • Since Addons on Godot are gold since v.2.0, I deleted the old GodotTIE folder to make the addon easier to understand and install - also updated the project Icon and scene file.
  • 26/11/16:
    • Corrected bug with "set_buff_speed". Thanks David Paiva!
  • 26/02/16:
    • Changed the "buffs" to dictionaries, to increase readability.
    • Fixed bug with "tag" signals (should only call it once).
  • 25/02/16:
    • Setup of the finished project on GitHub.


MIT License.


A simple Text Interface Engine to control text output (like in a RPG dialogue) for Godot.








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