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Audio signal processing library offering FFT, IFFT and Biquad Filter operation for BeagleBoard-X15 integrated C66x DSPs
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libdsp-x15 - C66x DSP library focusing on audio applications for BeagleBoard-x15 (AM5728)

This project has been started within Google Summer of Code 2016. The library was created to offload typical audio processing operations to the C66x DSPs (integrated in AM5728 SoC of TI). Currently the library offers the following signal operations:

  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT)
  • Biquad Filter (2nd order IIR filter (often used in audio applications due to stability))

Moreover, within this GSoC project, the CTAG face2|4 Multichannel Audio Card driver has been succesfully ported to AM5728 SoC. The driver (compatible with BeagleBone Black/green and BeagleBoard-X15) has been merged in the offical BeagleBoard kernel and is ready to use by default in the BeagleBone images since end of 2016.

Please check out the wiki for more information. Article with examples and demos is available here.

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