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Felony is an open-source pgp keychain built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Redux. Felony is the first PGP app that's easy for anyone to use, without a tutorial.

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Download Felony

You can download compiled versions of Felony for Windows, macOS, and Linux from The app is currently in its pre-release stage, so it hasn't been fully tested on all platforms. Confirmed to be working on Mac, as that's what the developers own.

How it works

1. Add public keys to your buddies list

A public key is like a username - Adding someone’s public key to your buddies list lets you send them messages. You can find other public keys on markets like and Darknet.

2. Encrypt a message

Select a recipient from your buddies list and compose a message. Only your chosen recipient(s) can read the message. Encrypted messages can be used to send sensitive information, such as an address, document, or anything intended to be read only by intended recipients.

3. Send the encrypted message anywhere

You can send the encrypted message on any website! Send encrypted messages over Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, YouTube, Instagram, or anywhere else. Felony is security when and where you want it.

Running Locally

To run the development environment run

npm run dev

To package felony run

npm run package

To build for all platforms

npm run package-all

For more information check out electron-react-boilerplate, which we used as a starting point.

Feature Requests

Have an idea for a feature you'd love to see in Felony? Create an issue and tag it as a feature request.


Maintained with ❀️ by Sanil, Frank.

Created by Henry & Case.

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