J2ME API and midlet for remote control of XBMC Media Center
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This is a Java API for XBMC targeted at J2ME and a MIDlet for remote control and library browsing.

Currently there is a basic library browser for TV shows and movies (and a skeleton for the music library) and a remote control with nice thumbnail display. Selecting an episode or movie in the library browser will clear the current video playlist and start playback of that file and also bring up the remote control. The remote control sends keyboard events for all ASCII characters (tough the XBMC API appears to be broken in this regard), has a softkey for the tab key, and displays meta-information such as title and duration of the currently playing item, including icons of the file and TV show, if available. It also maps up/down/left/right/fire from the J2ME input to the corresponding XBMC inputs.

Caveat emptor: There are no configurable options and no input for an XBMC address, the XBMC web interface must be discoverable through zero-conf. There is also no virtual keyboard, so if the phone doesn't have a physical keyboard the remote will be of limited use (cursor and selection keys should still work though).