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WARNING: this init function does not return an instance of DBRef.cfc!
return a struct : { $ref = <collname>, $id = <idvalue>[, $db = <dbname>] }
@collName collection name referenced (without the database name)
@idvalue value of the _id field for the object referenced
@dbname allows for references to documents in other databases
struct function init(required string collName, required idvalue, string dbname)
if (!isInstanceOf(idvalue, "org.bson.types.ObjectId"))
throw (message="Argument idvalue must be of java type org.bson.types.ObjectId, use objIdNew()");
var dbRefStruct = {
"$ref" = collName,
"$id" = idvalue
if (structKeyExists(arguments,"dbname"))
dbRefStruct["$db"] = dbname;
return dbRefStruct;