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MongoCFC (for lack of a better name) models the Mongo Shell JavaScript API as close as possible, so you don't have to learn twice! Just replace : with = and you're good to go!


JS: db.people.update({name:'Joe'},{$inc:{n:1}});

CF: people.update({'name'='Joe'},{$inc:{'n'=1}});

Dependency: Official MongoDB Java driver


  1. Install MongoDB:
  2. Download MongoDB Java Driver:
  3. Move .jar into #web_root#/WEB-INF/lib
  4. restart your CF.
  5. run demo/gettingstarted.cfm

NOTE 1: CF's struct keys are stored in UPPERCASE by default. However, MongoCFC will convert _id and all modifier operators (e.g. $set and $inc) into the correct case. To use mixed/lowercase, quotes the key like the example above.

NOTE 2: CF's struct does not preserve insertion order. When specifying multiple index or sort columns, use util.orderedStructNew() or exception will be thrown.

See demo/gettingstarted.cfm and compare to the other excellent project CFMongoDB at:


ColdFusion 9.0.1+