A Compass plugin that provides a CSS3 port of the Aristo UI elements
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Aristo Compass Plugin

A Compass plugin that provides a CSS3 port of the Aristo UI elements.


You'll need to be familiar with the Compass CSS authoring framework and have it installed. Then install the plugin as a gem:

sudo gem install hpoydar-compass-aristo-plugin

To add the plugin to an existing Compass project:

cd <compass_project_name>
compass -f aristo -p project .

And add the following line to the top of the config.rb file created by Compass:

require 'aristo'


Within your application's Sass files, import the Aristo mixins:

@import aristo

Then modify the generated aristo.sass file to suit your needs. See http://hpoydar.com/aristo for examples and syntax.


  • Add segmented controls
  • Add windows
  • Documentation
  • Attempt to have it look as good on FF3.5 as it does in Webkit/Chrome
  • Take a look in IE and document what works

About Aristo

Aristo is an open source UI distributed as part of the Cappuccino Open Source Framework http://cappuccino.org) and specifically designed for the cross platform challenges applications face today. It is a collaborative effort by 280 North, Inc. and Sofa and released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License. You can view this license here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/us/

You can find out more about Aristo by visiting http://cappuccino.org/aristo

Thanks to Alex MacCaw, who took the first crack at CSS-ifing Aristo: http://github.com/maccman/aristo