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v3.0.9 (15 November 2019)

  • do not set notification to top when fullscreen apps working
  • fixed motifications disable notifications (issue #563)
  • fixed crash on system settings changing (issue #552)
  • fixed winhttp encoding conversion (issue #568)
  • fixed statusbar glitch (issue #569)
  • updated blocklist
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.8 (8 November 2019)

  • removed disable windows firewall on startup (issue #554)
  • updated default timer values (issue #340)
  • fixed non-default system dpi (issue #544)
  • fixed overwrite notifications
  • fixed crash (issue #552)
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.7 (1 November 2019)

  • improved dpi support (win81+)
  • fixed ended timer handling on restart
  • fixed regular update message (issue #543)
  • fixed components update installation
  • fixed window and listview sizing
  • updated project sdk
  • updated blocklist
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.6 RC (12 October 2019)

  • added windows 10 rs6 support
  • added csv file title (clear the log to see changes)
  • disable network address resolution in network tab by default (issue #515)
  • improved refreshing filters on device connecting
  • improved network monitoring speed and ui
  • improved notification ui
  • improved dpi support (win81+)
  • fixed collecting services & uwp information
  • fixed device names resolution (issue #529)
  • fixed toolbar gray text draw (issue #437)
  • fixed network items blinking on refresh
  • fixed flickering on window resizing
  • fixed notification windows refresh
  • fixed hostname restricted symbols
  • fixed wfp security attributes
  • fixed highlighting priority
  • fixed memory leak
  • updated system rules
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.5 RC (6 August 2019)

  • added option to block outbound connections globally
  • added close connection feature (issue #506)
  • added powerful blocklist configuration
  • removed listen layer
  • skip saving default rules configuration
  • fixed connections port byte order (issue #504)
  • fixed user rules ui bug (issue #500)
  • fixed dropped packets log layout
  • fixed internal rules editor
  • fixed ipv6 rule formatting (issue #475)
  • fixed connections hashing
  • listview menu cosmetics
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.4 RC (23 July 2019)

  • added rules and blocklist options into main menu
  • set security settings enabled by default
  • set protocol names based on IEEE
  • made correct backups for profile on reset
  • bring notification window to top
  • correct determine connections for apps
  • fixed error message on new device insertion (issue #215)
  • fixed missing connections (issue #423)
  • fixed listview sorting does not save state sometimes
  • fixed listview sorting compare checked items
  • fixed uninstaller does not remove new profile
  • fixed tray menu notifications cosmetics
  • optimized group items counting
  • optimized listview sorting
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.3 Beta (3 July 2019)

  • added option to show notification window on tray
  • added highlighting for network tab
  • redraw app item on connection change
  • remove "beta" mark from network tab
  • improved wfp transactions
  • fixed ipv6 rules port parsing for system rules (issue #475)
  • fixed direction case for log and notification (issue #474)
  • fixed notification action adds timer (issue #472)
  • fixed timer set does not work (issue #484)
  • fixed notification refresh when app remove
  • fixed configuration reset does not work
  • fixed menu graphics (issue #473)
  • fixed log stack cleanup
  • updated port service names
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.2 Beta (22 Juny 2019)

  • new notification ui
  • allow microsoft update & microsoft apps servers by default
  • added information about ports into the log
  • moved icmp4 and icmp6 rules into custom rules
  • improved dropped packets log markup cosmetics
  • improved network monitoring speed
  • improved blocklist configuration
  • fixed saving special rules for uwp apps and services (issue #454)
  • fixed tray icon dissapear sometimes (issue #450)
  • fixed profile import does not work (issue #445)
  • fixed semicolons in app paths (issue #462)
  • fixed windows 20h1 uwp apps loading crash
  • fixed parsing rules with "*"
  • updated locales
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0.1 Beta (22 May 2019)

  • new profile structure
  • added checking for correct xml file format before import
  • added service name resolution for connections
  • added Reverse DNS Lookup for IP
  • more flexible autoresizing for listview
  • fixed column size initialization (issue #426)
  • fixed apps list sorting by date (issue #412)
  • fixed status refreshing on timer deletion
  • fixed table view for rules (issue #438)
  • fixed connections recognition condition
  • fixed highlighting (issue #408)
  • fixed timers sets (issue #424)
  • fixed services icons
  • updated locales
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v3.0 Beta (7 May 2019)

  • dropped windows vista support
  • improved dpi support (ui)
  • moved rules list into main window
  • added services and uwp apps tab
  • added network connections monitor
  • fixed displaying notifications when it's disabled
  • fixed log file write through (issue #369)
  • fixed notifications safety timeout
  • fixed possible race conditions
  • fixed services path retrieve
  • fixed notifications cleanup
  • improved listview resizing
  • improved listview sorting
  • removed blacklist mode
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.4.6 (27 March 2019)

  • enabled special rules group by default (issue #352)
  • fixed removing dropped packet items when overflow
  • fixed notifications crashing (issue #360)
  • fixed checkbox saving state (issue #355)
  • fixed possible memory dereferencing
  • fixed errors log overflow
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.4.5 (20 March 2019)

  • fixed user reported bugs

v2.4.4 Beta (15 March 2019)

  • added safety timeout for notification buttons
  • added filename highlighting into notification window (issue #344)
  • fixed new notifications replacing old one (issue #299)
  • fixed updates installation in some cases
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.4.3 Beta (9 March 2019)

  • fixed filters access rights
  • fixed race conditions crash (issue #337)
  • fixed notifications locale
  • fixed bugs

v2.4.2 Beta (5 March 2019)

  • fixed crash (issue #337)
  • updated blocklist
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.4.1 Beta (1 March 2019)

  • improved notifications speed
  • fixed rules listview sorting
  • fixed notification ui
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.4 Beta (21 February 2019)

  • new notification ui
  • improved transactions processing
  • added predefined rules (ftp, http etc)
  • added option to configure 6to4 redirections (it's allowed, but undocumented earlier)
  • added double-click for statusbar parts to make purgen faster
  • added option to secure installed filters
  • added more list view modes
  • fixed notifications stay visible when special rules applied for the app
  • fixed possible duplicate of special rules from notifications
  • fixed multithreading and possible race conditions
  • fixed duplicate filters callback on device arrival (issue #291)
  • fixed dropped packets csv log delimeter
  • fixed packages path retrieving (win8+)
  • replaced netsh commands by com interface
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.13 (3 January 2019)

  • added dns resolver caching
  • added dns resolver winsock fallback (issue #290)
  • avoid window flickering on window sizing
  • revert refresh filters on device arrival
  • fixed access rights for wfp provider and sublayer
  • fixed allocated strings dereferencing (issue #285)
  • fixed parsing hosnames with dashes (issue #271)
  • fixed localization (issue #288)
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.12 (25 December 2018)

  • added (partialy) win10rs5+ dark theme (issue #248)
  • allow loopback connections by default for new users
  • fixed allocated strings dereferencing (issue #283)
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.11 (14 December 2018)

  • added "/install" argument for install filtering
  • added cache auto clean up (to prevent overflow)
  • changed minimum size of main window (issue #269)
  • changed installation message
  • increased rule parsing speed (issue #276)
  • memory optimization
  • fixed notification window appears on taskbar (regression)
  • fixed exclude user rules option was not working
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.10 (28 November 2018)

  • fixed old bug where incorrect rules are may accepted as filters
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.9 (20 November 2018)

  • fixed resolving ip addresses may hang out net events thread (issue #256)
  • fixed net events subscription when option is not set
  • fixed protocol names
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.8 (7 November 2018)

  • fixed #251
  • fixed #253

v2.3.7 (5 November 2018)

  • fixed dropped events callback subscription on latest win10
  • fixed notifications sound cannot be played in some cases
  • fixed fastlock race condition (critical)
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.6 (16 October 2018)

  • added purgen submenu into tray menu
  • added more statusbar information
  • set extra large icons view by default
  • tray menu services counting bug
  • fixed app with overdue timer still enabled on profile load
  • fixed resetting some data on profile load
  • fixed timer resetting on profie load
  • fixed listview checkboxes
  • cosmetic fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.3.5 (14 October 2018)

  • added extra large icons view
  • use correct function for netevents subscription (win10rs4+)
  • fixed forced cleartype font style (issue #233)
  • fixed possible buffer overflow
  • rerwritten timer engine
  • cosmetic fixes

v2.3.4 (21 September 2018)

  • fixed dns system rules when dns service is stopped
  • fixed listen filter conditions (issue #213, #222)
  • fixed memory referencing bug (issue #221)
  • fixed massive handles leak (issue #230)
  • fixed thread termination
  • various ui fixes

v2.3.3 (8 July 2018)

  • added system rules update feature
  • fixed inaccurate timeout between notifications (issue #194)
  • fixed fullscreen apps showstopper (issue #209)
  • fixed possible crash for device path resolution
  • fixed skipuac warnings for some machines
  • fixed some services path resolution
  • fixed saving empty rules config
  • fixed update engine (issue #182)
  • updated system rules

v2.3.2 (27 Juny 2018)

  • added sorting by state for user rules in app context menu
  • increased priority for blocking user rules
  • fixed loading on startup (issue #75)
  • fixed editor apps list sorting
  • fixed service names displaying

v2.3.1 (25 Juny 2018)

  • fixed loopback rules (added more reserved ip addresses)
  • fixed sometimes system cannot be going to sleep
  • fixed applying rules for services (appcrash)
  • fixed update sometimes cannot be installed
  • fixed services enumeration
  • fixed system rules

v2.3 (19 Juny 2018)

  • added allowed connections monitoring in dropped packets log (win8+)
  • added inbound multicast and broadcast connections logging (win8+)
  • added outbound redirection filter layer (win7+)
  • added separation for remote/local address/port in rules editor
  • added hotkeys for import/export profile
  • added win10 rs5 support
  • prevent memory overflow for singly linked lists (win7+) (issue #193)
  • do not load icons for processes if icons displaying are disabled
  • improved multiple rules applying speed in settings window
  • increased time limit for displaying same notification (win7+)
  • search loading dlls in system directories only (safety)
  • check for correct xml data type before loading
  • store last notification timestamp for apps
  • removed proxy support (win8+)
  • fixed dropped events callback crash (win7+)
  • fixed applying services filters
  • fixed alphanumeric sorting
  • improved port scanning defense
  • improved loopback connections
  • improved boot-time filters
  • stability improvements
  • cleanup xml atributes
  • updated system rules
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.12 (6 Juny 2018)

  • added win10 rs4 support

v2.2.11 (6 Juny 2018)

  • fixed double race condition lock (critical)

v2.2.10 (6 Juny 2018)

  • added feature to disable special rules group (issue #181)
  • revert special rules highlighting
  • fixed listview focusing (issue #164)
  • fixed switching modes
  • fixed reported bugs
  • code cleanup
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.9 (5 Juny 2018)

  • added exclude custom rules from notifications feature (issue #177)
  • fixed app does not change group when special rule was removed
  • fixed sometimes netevents cannot be unsubcribed
  • fixed ipv6 addresses loopbacks
  • fixed thread event synchronization
  • fixed special rules group sorting
  • cosmetics fixes
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.8 RC (21 May 2018)

  • fixed device changes notifications (issue #128)
  • fixed fullscreen apps loses focus (issue #178)
  • fixed saving new rules (issue #179)
  • fixed loopback condition flag
  • code cleanup

v2.2.7 RC (13 May 2018)

  • removed search feature (do not used by anyone)
  • stability improvements
  • fixed loopback blocking (adobe software now working well when you enable loopback connections)
  • fixed singly linked list structure alignment for 32-bit
  • fixed timers does not applied from notification window (issue #172)
  • fixed apps does not change sorting sometimes
  • fixed apps does not change group sometimes
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.6 RC (11 May 2018)

  • fixed special rules does not change apps group
  • fixed notifications indexing
  • fixed notifications icon redraw
  • fixed another dns caching
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.5 Beta (4 May 2018)

  • fixed saving profile on manual apps state changing
  • fixed some untranslated strings
  • fixed installer/uninstaller
  • fixed rules checkboxes
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.4 Beta (3 May 2018)

  • now simplewall install filters fastest than Manco pulls out his revolver
  • reworked update engine, now it check all components updates automatically
  • sort rules alphabeticaly
  • fixed threads priority race condition
  • fixed applying filters without pause
  • fixed dns caching (issue #153)
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.3 Beta (16 April 2018)

  • added drop settings to default feature
  • changed log format to csv (comma-separated values) table
  • changed install/uninstall filters button icon
  • notifications: instant timer applying in notification window
  • notifications: cosmetics ui (issue #150)
  • notifications: restored "disable notifications for this app" button
  • notifications: fixed notification buttons behavior
  • notifications: removed timeout threshold
  • changed current locale version calculation method (more precision)
  • removed special rules highlighting (they have own group for it)
  • updated to the latest pugixml 1.9
  • cosmetics update engine
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.2 Beta (26 March 2018)

  • new update engine
  • show full app paths in notifications when "show filenames only" is unchecked
  • added grouping for apps with user rules
  • added opening file properties feature
  • cosmetics for the notification ui (issue #146)
  • cosmetics for the apps menu
  • fixed installer who does not removing profile backups
  • fixed signature of apps cannot be checked at startup
  • fixed dns resolution in some cases (issue #127)
  • fixed various memory leaks because of icons resources
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.2.1 Beta (14 March 2018)

  • instant apps list sorting
  • notifications: added information about blocked protocol
  • notifications: replaced "disable notifications for this app" icon
  • notifications: changed default timeout between same notifications
  • notifications: tray popup sometimes won't shown on some systems
  • notifications: ignore button combined with block button
  • notifications: changed texts for remote/local addresses
  • timer does not removed when user manually uncheck apps
  • removed font boldening for itself (issue #135)
  • changed minimal width of main window
  • fixed timers formatting
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.2 Beta (4 March 2018)

  • new notification ui
  • now simplewall added to the apps list automatically (issue #106)
  • added windows services support [beta] (issue #88)
  • added profile timestamping
  • new localization engine (single .lng file)
  • more sensitive notifications (issue #107)
  • lock-free dropped events callback (win7+)
  • added group total items count indication
  • added block action for notifications (issue #123)
  • automatic profile backup (issue #110)
  • added network address resolution
  • make internal apps undeletable
  • menu bitmap transparent icons
  • app paths case correction
  • added timers (issue #96)
  • set process high priority
  • ipsec dropped packets logging (win8+)
  • removed wow64 redirection (use simplewall 64-bit binaries for win64)
  • revert "purge unused apps" feature
  • optimized apps types recognition
  • improved tray context menu (issue #103)
  • improved memory allocation
  • changed verify signatures algorithm (issue #94)
  • changed "purge invalid apps" hotkey
  • changed default font
  • cosmetics for filter names
  • cosmetic fixes (issue #108)
  • stability improvements
  • updated default colors
  • updated localization
  • fixed dropped events callback failure (win10 rs3 and above)
  • fixed steal focus at startup and when notification displaying
  • fixed working under blacklist mode
  • fixed multi-monitor support
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.1.4 (27 November 2017)

  • do not verify signatures for store apps (win8+)
  • optimized digital signatures verification (issue #94)
  • fixed appcontainers listing (removed firewallapi.dll dependence) (win8+) (issue #104)
  • fixed notifications race conditions (it may fix issue #73)
  • fixed status does not changed when app deleted
  • fixed "system" process marked as pico
  • updated blocklist
  • code cleanup
  • fixed bugs

v2.1.3 (22 November 2017)

  • disabled loopback and digital signatures config by default
  • fixed displaying name of store apps (win8+) (issue #98)
  • fixed network paths rules (issue #102)

v2.1.2 RC (21 November 2017)

  • added option to disable apps signature checking
  • set selected apps when you are open rules editor from main window
  • reworked special rules (minimized memory usage and speed improvements, also removed limit in apps selection for special rules)
  • removed ocsp signature verification (issue #94)
  • improved apps version receiving
  • renamed "filters" into "rules"
  • fixed various rules editor crashes (issue #89)
  • fixed notifications race conditions (it may fix issue #73)
  • fixed blocklist incorrect check state
  • fixed restoring after hibernation
  • updated localization
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.1.1 Beta (17 November 2017)

  • reworked filter settings page
  • added option to disable hosts support for rules
  • added option to load blocklist extra rules
  • cosmetic fixes for ipv6 address format
  • fixed dns resolutions where it does not required (issue #94)
  • fixed various rules editor crashes (issue #89)
  • fixed windows store icon destroying
  • removed filters configuration from menu (use settings dialog instead)
  • removed internal rules files from distro
  • updated internal rules
  • updated localization
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.1 Beta (12 November 2017)

  • added windows store apps support (win8+)
  • revert allowing loopback connection feature
  • converted log limit unit to kilobytes
  • dropped packets log cosmetic fixes
  • improved confirmation dialogs
  • updated localization
  • fixed settings will not be applied for main menu
  • fixed displaying icons for some processes
  • fixed rules editor crash (issue #89)
  • fixed color items reorganization
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.20 (6 November 2017)

  • now custom rules will overwrite system rules
  • added warning message for listen connections option
  • apply filters on demand in settings dialog
  • added port support for ip ranges
  • removed rules configuration from menu (use settings dialog instead)
  • fixed rule apps does not saved when checkbox are checked
  • fixed rule generation from notification window
  • fixed listen connections does not blocked
  • fixed highlighting special rules for apps
  • fixed running under non-admin account
  • fixed skip-uac working directory
  • fixed listview sorting
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.19 (1 November 2017)

  • new rules editor ui
  • added highlighting rules with errors
  • automatically sorting rules after changing
  • added feature to set custom dns ipv4 server ("DnsServerV4" in .ini)
  • added option to exclude blocklist rules from notifications
  • show process information in statusbar on menu item hover
  • optimized signature information retrieving from binaries
  • updated localization
  • fixed saving profile in some cases
  • fixed parsing rules types (issue #70)
  • fixed dns queries
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.18 (20 October 2017)

  • added setting to disable proxy support (win8+)
  • prevent notifications duplicate
  • fixed windows firewall disabling on win10
  • fixed notifications sound configuration does not saved
  • fixed notifications sound does not played on some systems
  • cosmetic fixes about notifications cross button
  • updated localization
  • updated blocklist
  • fixed dpi support
  • fixed ui bugs

v2.0.17 (12 October 2017)

  • clear notifications cache on apply filters and configuration
  • show more address information on notification window tooltip
  • fixed redraw listview after notification actions
  • fixed ui hangouts for a long time sometimes
  • fixed race conditions
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.16 (6 October 2017)

  • fixed internal rules configuration saving

v2.0.15 (6 October 2017)

  • make current settings backup before import
  • changed default listview font
  • fixed settings listview groups does not changed immediately
  • fixed notification window display at startup
  • fixed uninstaller do not removed some files

v2.0.14 (5 October 2017)

  • apply settings on demand (too much faster)
  • revert listen connections blocking feature (request)
  • set font also for settings lists
  • revert forgotten rules editor button
  • updated localization
  • fixed ui bugs

v2.0.13 (4 October 2017)

  • new settings ui
  • fixed settings reset on device arrival
  • fixed colors configuration checkboxes

v2.0.12 RC (3 October 2017)

  • use colors and tooltip for notification icon same as in main window
  • do not show notifications on tray hover when it is disabled
  • do not bring notifications window into the foreground when it shows
  • revert error log tray menu
  • fixed network paths detection
  • fixed displaying non interesting errors
  • fixed some device path conversions
  • fixed notifications cleanup
  • updated localization
  • fixed ui bugs

v2.0.11 Beta (30 September 2017)

  • subscribe for net events only when filters are installed (win7+)
  • fixed incorrect filters applied for special rules
  • fixed all apps are in lowercase

v2.0.10 Beta (29 September 2017)

  • added selection counting for remove items dialog
  • show signature information in notification app icon tooltip
  • show exit confirmation dialog when filters are installing
  • set low-limit for notification timeout
  • revert forgotten privelege (regression)
  • fixed filters for non existing paths (regression)
  • fixed string case for cyrillic symbols
  • fixed filters thread
  • fixed minimize button
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.9 Beta (25 September 2017)

  • improved notifications cleanup
  • revert processes icons
  • fixed nt path conversions (regression)
  • fixed notification ui display timeout
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.8 Beta (21 September 2017)

  • new logo
  • changed minimal size of main window
  • updated notification ui
  • updated icons pack
  • updated blocklist
  • fixed font quality (use cleartype ever)
  • fixed notifications sound
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.7 Beta (14 September 2017)

  • added count marks for all groups
  • added font selection for listview
  • prefer "blocklist_full.xml" parsing if it's presented
  • improved signatures checking
  • optimized listview redraw items
  • optimized listview autosizing columns
  • disable retrieving icon handle for network paths for notification dialog
  • changed default listview colors
  • optimized loading speed
  • code cleanup
  • fixed ui hanging in some cases
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.6 Beta (11 September 2017)

  • added signature checking for apps
  • added set default language as in system
  • changed default listview colors
  • updated project sdk
  • fixed allowed apps cannot recieve any data from network (when stealth-mode enabled)
  • fixed retrieving nt path for reparse point files (issue #59)
  • fixed update checking not working on some systems
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.5 Beta (30 August 2017)

  • added proxy support (win8+)
  • added indication for inbound connections for all (when stealth-mode enabled)
  • added group for special rules (rules applied for apps)
  • added apps list selection indication
  • changed experimental settings mark into "for experts only"
  • removed process list menu icons
  • improved retrieving file path by handle
  • improved notifications ui
  • updated project sdk
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.4 Beta (23 August 2017)

  • added grouping for rules
  • removed listen connections blocking feature
  • improved import/export xml database
  • fixed open rules editor action in main window
  • fixed crash on delete rules
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.3 Beta (17 August 2017)

  • added import/export applications list feature
  • added mode selection into installation dialog
  • added tooltips into the notifications ui
  • added remembering collapsed state for the listview groups
  • increased internal rules loading speed (please update blocklist.xml and rules_system.xml to latest versions)
  • increased rules list icons size
  • changed default sorting configuration
  • fixed notifications ui logic
  • fixed filters installation state flag
  • fixed support some domains
  • fixed carriage return type for rules_system.xml
  • fixed thread spinlock
  • updated localization
  • updated project sdk
  • updated blocklist
  • fixed bugs

v2.0.2 Beta (7 August 2017)

  • fixed incorrect vector index

v2.0.1 Beta (7 August 2017)

  • added update checking for new beta version
  • added flush dns cache after filters applied
  • set max prefix length for ipv6 addresses to 64
  • new rules editor interface
  • changed minimum width for a main window
  • fixed running with "/minimized" argument under uac
  • updated localization
  • fixed bugs

v2.0 Beta (1 August 2017)

  • new notification ui
  • show notifications only for whitelist mode
  • allow listen connections for all is enabled by default
  • added import custom rules from file feature
  • added support to load large xml files
  • added more information into the main window
  • added apps grouping (allowed/blocked)
  • added custom rules syntax checking
  • added support dns resolution for custom rules
  • added resolving shortcut path
  • added notification display timeout config
  • save internal rules configuration into xml
  • purgen remove only apps with errors
  • minimized dropped packets log size (union remote and local address information)
  • minimized memory usage
  • removed "trust no one" mode
  • updated system rules
  • updated blocklist
  • fixed dropped packets logging hibernation (win7+)
  • fixed remember windows size and position sometimes
  • fixed version string trimming
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed memory leaks
  • fixed bugs

v1.6.5 (1 June 2017)

  • do not block listen connections on stealth-mode
  • do not block listen connections on boot-time
  • fixed dropped events does not shutdown on exit (win7+)
  • fixed memory leak

v1.6.4 (31 May 2017)

  • added fallback if blocklist and/or system rules not found
  • added more dropped events logging (win7+)
  • fixed dropped events subscription duplicate (win7+)
  • fixed run as admin does not work sometimes
  • updated blocklist
  • fixed bugs

v1.6.3 (27 May 2017)

  • generate unique session key at startup
  • fixed custom app rules crash on delete
  • fixed lookup account sid length mismatch
  • fixed dropped packets logging crash (win7+)
  • stability improvements
  • updated system rules
  • fixed bugs

v1.6.2 (24 May 2017)

  • create filter even if file doesn't exists (drive must be mounted)
  • allow inbound & listen traffic only if stealth-mode does not enabled
  • added required rules for the ipv6 stack to work properly
  • stealth-mode marked as experimental
  • fixed com library initialization (again!)
  • fixed stealth-mode
  • fixed bugs

v1.6.1 (23 May 2017)

  • added username and domain information to the window title
  • added configuration refresh on user logon
  • removed static wfp session key (request)
  • fixed com library initialization
  • fixed incorrect return value on file not found error

v1.6 (19 May 2017)

  • added stealth-mode (to prevent udp/tcp port scanning)
  • added acl (access control list) to the engine
  • added gridline for the listview config
  • added item into the custom rules menu for open rules editor
  • added version-independent network events api call (win7+)
  • added dropped packets log file size limit to 1mb (win7+)
  • reset windows firewall to its initial state when restore it back
  • blocklist marked as experimental
  • removed custom rules from package
  • fixed dropped packets logging stop sometimes (win7+)
  • fixed removing custom rules
  • fixed classic ui
  • fixed bugs
  • ui fixes

v1.5.5 (6 May 2017)

  • added installer
  • added static wfp session key
  • copy filter name if description is not available for dropped packets log
  • removed "file not found" xml parsing errors
  • revert trim rules back (request)
  • fixed index flag cannot be set (win8+)
  • fixed ui bugs

v1.5.4 (30 April 2017)

  • trim executable version string
  • fixed filters uninstallation
  • fixed duplicate update checking
  • fixed bugs

v1.5.3 (27 April 2017)

  • fixed restoring windows firewall state
  • fixed incorrect window size at startup sometimes

v1.5.2 (27 April 2017)

  • fixed dropped packets log spinlock cannot be unlocked (critical)
  • fixed displaying "file not found" errors
  • restore listview selection after application delete
  • disable main button on filters installation
  • improved shutting down windows firewall feature
  • removed unnecessary whitespace trims
  • optimized window resizing
  • updated to the latest sdk
  • fixed bugs

v1.5.1 (17 April 2017)

  • added remember window position and size feature
  • added "enable errors notifications" config
  • added f11 hotkey for maximize window
  • disable wow64 filesystem redirection
  • changed error log notification text
  • fixed possible memory leak

v1.5 (15 April 2017)

  • added index flag to the filters, to help enable faster lookup during classification (win8+)
  • added app container loopback traffic permission (win8+)
  • added "allow listen connections for all" config
  • added loopback indication for dropped packets log
  • copy real path instead display path on copy command in main window listview
  • do not show dropped packets notifications when filters are not installed
  • if boot-time filters enabled then apply system rules for boot-time too
  • custom rules for apps does not saved sometimes
  • removed running without admin rights feature
  • changed notification about errors logic
  • changed alt+f4 behaviour (request)
  • cosmetic fixes for tooltips
  • fixed disabling windows firewall on some systems
  • fixed settings tabstop doesn't work
  • fixed incorrect listview icons for some apps
  • fixed process list some apps have no icons
  • fixed possible duplicate filters
  • fixed purge unused apps
  • stability improvements
  • updated translations
  • updated system rules
  • updated pugixml
  • fixed bugs

v1.4.6 (5 April 2017)

  • added write error logs into a file feature
  • fixed process list does not recognize pico applications on win10
  • updated translations
  • fixed bugs

v1.4.5 (4 April 2017)

  • added pico support (subsystem for unix-based applications) for win10
  • added l2tp/ipsec for system rules
  • added localhost for custom rules
  • fixed access denied for some self protected applications (like "ekrn.exe" for nod32)

v1.4.4 (28 March 2017)

  • added ipsec connections monitoring into the log (win8+)
  • cosmetic fixes about tray notifications
  • fixed dropped packets callback crash (critical)
  • fixed displaying tray notifications on win10
  • fixed possible duplicate filters

v1.4.3 (27 March 2017)

  • added provider information into the log/notifications
  • added displaying error messages on filters configuration via tray popup
  • fixed link processing in settings window
  • cosmetic changes about debug error messages
  • removed "nlatunicast" flag from loopback permissions
  • updated blocklist
  • code cleanup

v1.4.2 (19 February 2017)

  • added hints to rules pages
  • fixed filter creation for nonexistent apps (critical)
  • fixed resource definition
  • fixed purge unused apps
  • cosmetic changes about rules tooltip

v1.4.1 (4 February 2017)

  • fixed suspended drop event callback (critical)
  • fixed suspended apply filters thread (critical)
  • fixed purge unused apps

v1.4.0 (31 January 2017)

  • revert original project name
  • added mode changing confirmation
  • added reading information about "System" process
  • added protocol and version (ports only) option into the rules editor
  • added blocklist editor (set it "on" or "off" only)
  • added custom rules applying to the apps feature
  • added "show filenames only" option
  • added icon indication for rules
  • added loopback permission for "trust no one" mode
  • moved system rules into the "rules_system.xml" file
  • clear log even if logging to a file is not enabled
  • do not load information about apps from shared resources
  • fixed profile not saved if filters is not installed
  • removed tray balloon tips on filters changing
  • boot-time filters marked as experimental
  • improved working under uac (no rights)
  • improved system apps detection
  • cosmetic fixes in process list
  • cosmetic fixes in apps tooltip
  • fixed race conditions
  • updated translation
  • updated blocklist
  • updated ui
  • fixed bugs

v1.3.7 (21 November 2016)

  • fixed special rules crash on apply settings
  • fixed special rules reinitialization in main menu/tray menu
  • updated translation

v1.3.6 (20 November 2016)

  • added loopback permission for boot-time filters
  • added ip:port syntax for special rules
  • added default values for new special rules
  • fixed restore listview selection
  • fixed special rules crash on delete item
  • fixed log path unexpand environment strings

v1.3.5 (17 November 2016)

  • fixed configuration saving (critical)
  • fixed xml saving (critical)

v1.3.3 (14 November 2016)

  • added boot-time filters for prevent data leak during system startup, even before "Base Filtering Engine" (BFE) service starts
  • added "purge unused applications" feature
  • added "hide icons" feature
  • added documentation for rules editor and filter page
  • added special rules to main menu/tray menu
  • fixed multi-select configuration in listview
  • fixed system imagelist destroying
  • fixed dropped packets filters decription empty sometimes
  • fixed find dialog crash
  • removed inbound events logging for some reason
  • updated translation
  • updated pugixml

v1.3.2 (29 October 2016)

  • added domain\username indication to log events
  • added filter name to log events
  • added ip/port range support for rules
  • combined ip and port rules settings page
  • added save checkbox state on install/delete message
  • added listen loopback permission
  • added inbound events logging
  • set xml load encoding to auto
  • improved logic for detect incorrect applications
  • listview empty text indication doesn't changed at locale change
  • changed default log parameters for "system" & "svchost.exe"
  • fixed inbound ip doesn't affected in applied rules
  • changed default color for silent applications
  • removed output log into debug log feature
  • improved open/save file dialog flags
  • optimized log callback
  • updated blocklist
  • updated translation
  • minor improvements

v1.3.1 (21 October 2016)

  • added option to set application for open log file
  • added option to exclude application from log
  • added option for disable notification sound
  • added middle click on tray icon now open log file
  • added empty listview text indication
  • added rules highlighting
  • added usage examples to rules.xml
  • reorganized log settings
  • fixed unit of time for notification timeout had in minutes (instead seconds)
  • fixed special rules saved twice
  • fixed skip user account control not worked
  • fixed special rules saved empty when filters not installed
  • fixed system rules cannot be unchecked automatically
  • changed auto byte order mask for xml load/save
  • replaced QueryFullProcessImageName to NtQueryInformationProcess
  • stability improvements
  • updated translation
  • ui improvements

v1.3 (15 October 2016)

  • disable/enable windows firewall on filters installation/deletion
  • normalize nt paths for dropped packets callback
  • exclude "svchost.exe" & "system" from log configuration
  • abbility to show/clear log
  • resize support as in alpha builds
  • hotkeys for menu items
  • PathUnExpandEnvStrings for log path
  • confirmation settings for exit/deleting application/log clear
  • changed message boxes style
  • changed default color for invalid applications
  • fixed access denied for some processes
  • config doesn't saved if user don't trigger apply filters
  • improved windows firewall control
  • stability improvements
  • updated translation

v1.2.118 (5 October 2016)

  • fixed crash on filters installation
  • save sort order into profile (regression)
  • unable to clear log path config
  • stability improvements
  • updated translation

v1.2.117 (4 October 2016)

  • changed ui by IAEA safety standards (issue #2)
  • added logging configuration
  • now filters disabled by default
  • inbound ports doesn't blocked for special rules
  • updated translation
  • minor improvements

v1.1.116 (30 September 2016)

  • added "listen" layer blocking
  • added forgotten rules into settings menu
  • added open folder by double click for listview
  • added shared resources highlighting
  • dropped packets logging optimizations
  • fixed process list menu icons with classic ui
  • updated translation
  • minor improvements

v1.1.115 (22 September 2016)

  • added more information to dropped packets logging (win7+)
  • fixed inbound dont't blocking
  • cannot add port in rules editor
  • updated translation

v1.1.114 (21 September 2016)

  • rules in settings dialog cannot be saved

v1.1.113 (20 September 2016)

  • fixed cannot delete application from list bug
  • fixed default values for settings
  • filters for services do not set
  • fixed dhcpv6 ports configuration
  • fixed windows firewall configuration
  • updated translation
  • fixed bugs

v1.1.112 (19 September 2016)

  • project renamed
  • added "trust no one" mode
  • added dropped packets logging to debugview (win7+)
  • added automatic rules applying on insert device
  • added name for filters
  • moved telemetry rules to the resources
  • rewritten rules editor
  • improved classic ui config
  • fixed tray tooltip visibility
  • decreased ballon tips

v1.0.101 (7 September 2016)

  • added outbound connections configuration for rules
  • added color configuration
  • changed weight for sublayer
  • removed startup popup notification
  • updated translation

v1.0.100 (30 August 2016)

  • added individual applicaiton rules
  • added highlight for invalid items
  • added icons for process popup menu
  • rewritten process retrieving code (fixed many bugs)
  • restored "Refresh" listview feature
  • prevent for duplicate filters on some configurations
  • unlocked application layer configuration in "for all (global)" rules
  • loaded default rules on initilize settings
  • updated translation
  • fixed bugs

v1.0.99 (25 August 2016)

  • added windows update and http protocol allow rule
  • blocking list editor context menu does not showed
  • blocking list editor first item cannot be edited
  • fix rules checkbox displaying in settings window
  • rules re-grouped by OSI model
  • changed listview custom draw
  • updated translation
  • updated ui

v1.0.98b (22 August 2016)

  • added ballon tip on remove filters
  • changed default rules for all
  • changed default rules for allowed

v1.0.96b (21 August 2016)

  • settings improvements
  • fixed duplicate popup on startup
  • cleanup code/resources
  • updated translation

v1.0.94b (20 August 2016)

  • updated translation
  • removed excess tray popups
  • filters not applied when firewall started manually
  • tray icon does not change on firewall enable
  • improved block list editor

v1.0.90b (19 August 2016)

  • now compiled with "treat warnings as error" parameter
  • added global rules configuration
  • added "disable windows firewall" param
  • added balloon tips param
  • started localization
  • fixed buffer overflow on remove filters
  • finished blocking list editor
  • removed duplicate filters
  • fixed memory leaks on change window icon
  • ui improvements
  • now checking updates worked
  • fixed statusbar redraw forgotten
  • updated translation
  • ui fixes

v1.0.81a (18 August 2016)

  • added indication allowed/blocked item count
  • added edit blocking list support
  • added loopback configuration into profile
  • fixed profile mask set to default at startup
  • improved profile configuration dialog

v1.0.79a (17 August 2016)

  • added tooltips
  • inbound traffic not blocked sometimes

v1.0.77a (16 August 2016)

  • added profiles for applications
  • added more hotkeys
  • find now worked
  • increased startup speed (moved filters applying function into another thread)
  • fixed ntp setting
  • fixed memory leak
  • ui improvements

v1.0.52a (13 August 2016)

  • fixed main window dpi
  • fixed scroll height on change icon size
  • removed comments/debug strings
  • fixed application state does not saved on check/uncheck
  • added "select all" (ctrl+a) hotkey
  • added "telemetry.xml"
  • ip parsing optimization (due ParseNetworkString)
  • ui improvements

v1.0.42a (12 August 2016)

  • added outbound/inbound ICMP permission
  • auto apply filters on settings change
  • removed "Apply rules" button (do not need it anymore)
  • increased startup speed
  • removed process monitor
  • changed config defaults
  • ui improvements
  • small bug fixes

v1.0.30a (11 August 2016)

  • added outbound loopback permission
  • fixed DHCP/DNS/NTP allowed for all
  • fixed memory leak

v1.0.23a (6 August 2016)

  • added support to allow DHCP/DNS/NTP through svchost.exe
  • fixed NtOpenProcess access rights

v1.0.21a (4 August 2016)

  • fixed uncheck item doesn't saved
  • previous build changes extended
  • removed duplicate function calling
  • menu fixes

v1.0.18a (4 August 2016)

  • added internal telemetry blocking
  • added menu accelerators
  • moved process monitor to low-level
  • fixed provider persistency
  • re-fuck-to-ring

v1.0.13a (2 August 2016)

  • added search abbility for existing application filters and show them
  • added tray icon indication
  • added find in application list feature
  • increased speed (due transactions)
  • fixed 32-bit working under 64-bit system
  • ui improvements

v1.0.10a (30 July 2016)

  • fixed xml saving/parsing bug
  • fixed read memory access on filter enumeration

v1.0.7a (29 July 2016)

  • added inbound loopback permission
  • added balloon tips on events
  • fixed inbound permission for allowed applications
  • fixed critical bug (incorrect memory address access)
  • common optimizations
  • ui improvements

v1.0.4a (27 July 2016)

  • added icons size configuration
  • fixed background thread to catch applications doesn't worked
  • fixed v6 callout misstake
  • ui improvements

v1.0.3a (26 July 2016)

  • added more settings
  • improved ui
  • removed service (do not need it anymore)

v1.0.2a (26 July 2016)

  • first public version
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