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@author: henryre
# Playing card class
class Card:
# Initialize card with number and suit, both checked for validity
def __init__(self, num, suit):
if not (1 <= num <= 13):
raise ValueError("Invalid card number: {}".format(num))
suit = suit.lower()
if not (suit in ['spades', 'clubs', 'hearts', 'diamonds']):
raise ValueError("Invalid card suit: {}".format(suit))
self.__n = num
self.__suit = suit
self.__is_black = ((suit == 'spades') or (suit == 'clubs'))
# Getters for number, suit, color, and black or not
def num(self):
return self.__n
def suit(self):
return self.__suit
def color(self):
if self.__is_black:
return 'black'
return 'red'
def is_black(self):
return self.__is_black
# String representation with face cards
def __repr__(self):
name = None
if 2 <= self.__n <= 10:
name = str(self.__n)
elif self.__n == 1:
name = 'ace'
elif self.__n == 11:
name = 'jack'
elif self.__n == 12:
name = 'queen'
elif self.__n == 13:
name = 'king'
return "{} of {}".format(name, self.__suit)
# Card-card comparator (ace low, no suit order)
def __cmp__(self, c):
if self.__n < c.num():
return -1
elif self.__n == c.num():
return 0
return 1
# Playing card deck class
from random import shuffle as rshuf
class Deck:
# Initialize cards in deck, hold as list
def __init__(self, shuf):
self.__cards = [(n,s) for n in range(1,14)
for s in ['spades', 'clubs', 'hearts', 'diamonds']]
if shuf:
def shuffle(self):
# Draw a card
def draw(self):
if len(self.__cards) == 0:
return None
return Card(*self.__cards.pop())
# Checker for empty deck
def is_empty(self):
return (len(self.__cards) == 0)