Add a hyperlink in the backend to view an entry page/URL in the frontend
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Entry URL Field

  • Version: 1.1
  • Author: Nick Dunn
  • Build Date: 2011-02-07
  • Requirements: Symphony 2.2


  1. Upload the 'entry_url_field' folder in this archive to your Symphony 'extensions' folder.
  2. Enable it by selecting the "Field: Entry URL", choose Enable from the with-selected menu, then click Apply.
  3. The field will be available in the list when creating a Section.


When adding this field to a section, the following options are available to you:

  • Anchor Label is the text used for the hyperlink in the backend
  • Anchor URL is the URL of your entry view page on the frontend. An <entry id="123">...</entry> nodeset is provided from which you can grab field values, just as you would from a datasource. For example:

  • Open links in a new window enforces the hyperlink to spawn a new tab/window

  • Hide this field on publish page hides the hyperlink in the entry edit form


Big thanks to Rowan Lewis' Reflection Field, which comprises about 90% of this code! Thx.