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SelectBox Link Field Plus

What does this extension do?

This extension extends the functionality of the Selectbox Link Field-extension.

The extended functionality is:

  • It adds a button to the selectbox link field to create a new entry on-the-fly.
  • It provides the possibility to use different views, depending on what you are using it for (see 'View').


This extension requires that you have the Selectbox Link Field-extension in your extension folder, since it extends those classes. Just having the directory in your extensions-folder is enough, you don't have to enable it.

Different views

Different situations require different views. For example, if you want to connect entries from a news-section or a blog-section, you want to display them differently than if you would use it for an image gallery. See the different views in the views-folder for how views are handled and how you can create your own views.

Created a new view? Share it with us and make this extension better!