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Layer definition

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TOML Source-Definition file

The Lambda-function is configured via a toml-file (sources.toml). during the build-process. The TOML-File should contain an array of sources. Each source may contain properties and should contain an array of layers. Each Layer may contain properties and may contain an array of variants.

    property = foo
        property = bar
            property = something

Layer Properties

property type description default if not given
name string A name for the item. Must be alphanumeric + underscore [A-Za-z0-9_]. No special characters allowed. (must be provided)
minzoom number minimum (greater-or-equal-than) zoom value where the layer must be provided 0
maxzoom number maximum (less-than) zoom value where the layer must be provided 32
geom string name of the geometry-column to be used in the vector tile "geometry"
keys string[] array of column names that will be encoded besides the geometry column. May contain SQL-expressions. ""
where string[] array of conditions that will be used in the SQL-query as WHERE-Clause. Multiple conditions are concatenated with AND ""
prefix string SQL-Statement that will be inserted before the ST_AsMvtGeom-Function. Useful for DISTINCT ON()-Statements ""
postfix string SQL-Statement that will be inserted after the WHERE-Clause. Useful for ORDER BY-Statements ""
srid number identifier of the spatial reference system 3857
extend number tile extent in pixels (see ST_AsMVTGeom) 4096
buffer number buffer in pixels around each tile (see ST_AsMVTGeom) 256
clip_geom boolean clip geometries that lie outside the current tile incl. buffer (see ST_AsMVTGeom) true