Hello, Minima! Theme - Get Started w/ GitHub Pages (Jekyll) in 60 Seconds using the Minima (Gem-Packaged) Theme
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Hello, Minima! Theme - Get Started in 60 Seconds

Setup Jekyll with GitHub Pages in 60 seconds using Minima - the gem-packaged theme.

Step 1 - Create the Jekyll Configuration / Settings File

Add your site title e.g. Your Site Title and let's use the minima theme


title: Your Site Title

theme: minima

Step 2 - Create the Index Page

Add your index (front) page with a page title e.g. Welcome and using the default layout (built into Mimina and ready-to-use "out-of-the-gem"):


title: Welcome
layout: default

Hello, Minima!

That's it. Ready for serving.

Go on GitHub in your repos Settings tab to the GitHub Pages sections and pick Use the master branch in Select Source. Save. Enjoy. Happy Jekylling!

Live Demo

See a live demo @ henrythemes.github.io/hello-minima-theme »

Bonus - Q: Can I Use my Own Styles / Design / Theme? A: Hello, Jekyll! Theme - Get Started in 60 Seconds, The Blank Page Edition

To start from scratch with no styles (that is, a blank page / site) see the Hello, Jekyll! Theme - Get Started in 60 Seconds repo.

More Themes

See the Dr. Jekyll's Themes directory.



The Hello, Minima! theme is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Post them to the jekyll talk forum. Thanks!