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Jekyll Starter Theme - Minimial

A minimalistic Jekyll starter theme for "classic" web sites (e.g. just some web pages)

├── _config.yml                  # site configuration
├── _layouts
|   └── default.html             # master layout template
├── css
|   └── style.css                # styles
├── three.html                   # another sample page (in hypertext markup e.g. html)
├──                       # another sample page (in markdown e.g. md)
└──                     # index (start) sample page (in markdown e.g. md)


└── _site                        # output build folder; site gets generated here
    ├── css
    |   └── style.css            # styles for pages (copied 1:1 as is)
    ├── three.html               # another sample page
    ├── two.html                 # another sample page 
    └── index.html               # index (start) sample page

Live Demo

See a live demo @ »

Version 2.0

Note: For a more "advanced" starter theme, see the Jekyll Starter Theme V2. The V2 includes:

  • Shared (common) template/page building blocks using _includes e.g. head.html, header.html, footer.html etc.
  • CSS preprocessing using Sass/SCSS e.g. _settings.scss with $link-color etc.
  • Nav(igation) menu (auto-)built using a configuration / data block
  • And more

More Themes

See the Dr. Jekyll's Themes directory.

More Quick Starter Wizard Scripts

See the Mr. Hyde's Scripts library.



The starter theme is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Post them to the wwwmake forum. Thanks!