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social-network web app example

Note: this project is way too incomplete to be useful for anything besides learning.

Refer to the Google Closure Templates Print Directives for working with Soynode (the template system used here).

Great links

  1. Senna
  2. JS The Right Way
  3. Google's Closure docs
  4. Google's Closure library demos
  5. Dynamic Imaging at Web Scale because dealing with images is a nightmare
  6. Material Design - Google Design guidelines
  7. scss lint
  8. Link prefetching
  9. - who uses what? what is used by whom?
  10. DevOps Reactions
  11. Front End Dev Reactions
  12. Slack
  13. hubot (to use with Slack, IRC, or anything else)
  14. statsd
  15. esformatter
  16. Shit Happens...
  17. Format.JS
  18. Foundation
  19. Google Fonts
  20. bower
  21. Learning Node.js by example using Sourcegraph
  22. Yeoman
  23. A list apart
  24. Netflix's Failure injection testing
  25. Introducing Chaos Engineering
  26. Twitter REST API Reference 27.TodoMVC


Henrique Vicente

  1. Homepage
  2. GitHub
  3. Twitter
  4. Slides
  5. Facebook

Image Credits

  1. Social designed by Antonio Vicién Faure from the Noun Project.
  2. 403 by Raf Verbraeken from the Noun Project.
  3. 404 designed by [Luboš Volkov](š Volkov) from the Noun Project.