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Machines in the Valley

These repository holds files, data, and visualizations related to my book.

Jason A. Heppler | |


If you use the data or analysis from this project, please provide a citation:

Heppler, Jason A. Machines in the Valley. 2014—.


  • The data directory contains several sources of data. For example, the data/sv-companies directory contains a csv of technology companies in the Bay Area between 1945 and 2000. Each directory contains the data plus a txt or md file explaining the contents, provenance, and any data transformations I might have made on pre-compiled data. In some cases, these directories may also include an original data source (e.g., GIS shapefiles).
  • Most of the other directories are standard Jekyll files and hierarchy.


Contributions to the data are more than welcome. Please submit a pull request or email me data.


Code and scripts in this repository are available for use under the MIT license

The data I include here I believe falls under fair use or I have obtained permission to share. For any specific citation or permission information, please see the citation information in each directory.