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Aug 21st 1863
Near Orange C. H.
Camp Stonewall Bridage
Dearest Annie,
In obediance to the Presidents proclamation, followed by an order from Genl Lee, all military operations will be suspended (so far as practicable) during this day and religious exercises be conducted throughout the Brigade. I had the pleasure of listening to an excellent sermon this morning delivered by the Revd Mr. [unclear: Cee], Pastor of Tinkling Spring Congregation.
He read for his morning's sermon the 4th Chapter of Daniel, prefaced by a few remarks & then took for his text, the words found recorded in the 5th Chapter of the 1st Epistle general of Peter and 6th Verse. This evening at 4 we will have another sermon by one of our Chaplains & again to night by the Revd Mr. Filetoken.
So we will have plenty of preaching, & I trust will be profited thereby. I will stop writing now, as our dinner is ready, and if I don't go in time won't get anything, as our rule is, "never to quit, untill every thing has been eaten._ Will finish this evening.
Saturday morning. Aug [illeg.]
Annie: I failed to finish my letter yesterday owing to the fact that there was a lot of clothing came in to the Regt. which had to be issued out to the different Companies, which necessarily consumed some time and then the preaching. I must say that yesterday was one of the most interesting days I hve ever spent in camp; it [unclear: appeared] more like sunday that if it had been, so quiet was every thing around. By the way there were some dozen ladies in camp too who added very much to the interestingness of the occasion.
I would have liked so much could I have been with you all. Suppose the [unclear: Dr] held [illeg.] at Providence or was it his time at the Ridge? Suppose you had a gay time while the Miss [unclear: Corrans] were down. Would liked to have happened in some night about the time you were cutting up, as I know you did. Every thing is quiet, there has been no fighting on our lines fore some time, & is thought by some wont be for some time to come. The bombardment is still going on at Charleston & it is said, is beginning to tell on Fort Sumpter. Shouldn't be supprised to hear of Sumpter falling at any time; however we will hope for the best.
Did you get a letter I wrote you from this camp? You have not acknowledged the receipt of it as yet.
I must close for the present, with the hope of hearing from you soon.
As ever yours
Please remember me to all engrossing friends particularly my female ones. I want you to have your likeness taken & send it me. read & burn