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Contour Deployment with Split Pods

This is an advanced deployment guide to configure Contour in a Deployment separate from Envoy which allows for easier scaling of each component. This configuration has several advantages:

  1. Envoy runs as a daemonset which allows for distributed scaling across workers in the cluster
  2. Envoy runs on host networking which exposes Envoy directly without additional networking hops

Moving parts

  • Contour is run as Deployment and Envoy as a Daemonset
  • Envoy runs on host networking
  • Envoy runs on ports 80 & 443

Deploy Contour

  1. Clone the Contour repository and cd into the repo.
  2. Run kubectl apply -f deployment/ds-hostnet-split/

NOTE: The current configuration exposes the /stats path from the Envoy Admin UI so that Prometheus can scrape for metrics.


  1. Install a workload (see the kuard example in the main deployment guide).
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