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# By Sharon Campbell, Ken Simon, and Joe Beda for Heptio
# if any commands in this script fail, the whole script returns nonzero
# which means the Job mysql-data-loader-with-timeout
# will keep running this script until it completes successfully
set -o errexit
set -o pipefail
set -o nounset
# Ensure required environment variables are set up
# These env variables are set by Kubernetes in the data-loader-job.yaml file
# and in the php.yaml file, so make sure those two Kubernetes files stay in sync
# The secrets themselves are stored in secrets.yaml
test -n "${MYSQL_USER}"
test -n "${MYSQL_PASSWORD}"
test -n "${MYSQL_HOST}"
# Add MySQL creds to the mysql-credentials.cnf file
# This allows for warning-free mysql command line use
cat >$credentialsFile <<EOF
# initialize DBCOUNT
# Download the SQL files for the Sakila test database
curl -O
# unpack
tar -xzf sakila-db.tar.gz
# Does data exist?
function check_data() {
# assign output of this MySQL query to DBCOUNT
# output is just 997, no warnings
# change this query if you want to use this script with different data
# it should check for something expected in the finished database
DBCOUNT=$(mysql --defaults-extra-file=$credentialsFile -NBD sakila -e 'select count(*) from nicer_but_slower_film_list;' || echo 0)
# if the answer to my query is not 997, return 1 (unsuccessful)
# change this if statement
# if you want to use this script with a different query or different data
# this will return 1 on the first try because we haven't imported the data yet
if [[ "${DBCOUNT}" == "997" ]]; then
return 0
return 1
# until the check_data() function returns 0
# which only happens if our MySQL query returns 997
# try to initialize the database
# this will happen at least once because we haven't imported the data yet
until check_data; do
#make sure we're using the mysql-credentials.cnf for connections
#restore the database schema and data
mysql --defaults-extra-file=$credentialsFile < sakila-db/sakila-schema.sql
mysql --defaults-extra-file=$credentialsFile < sakila-db/sakila-data.sql