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# By Sharon Campbell, Ken Simon, and Joe Beda for Heptio
# You can generate the Secret object on your Kubernetes cluster directly, which is more secure
# Use "kubectl create secret generic ..." and provide keys and values
# Or you can generate the encoded values manually and add them to a file like this one
# See
# Secrets in this file are referenced throughout our application as environment variables
# The plain text values in the comments are included for the demo
# Do not include the plain text values in a production environment
apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
# Other Kubernetes objects in the cluster can reference values from our Secret
# using name: mysql-credentials and key: <somekey>, like key: user
name: mysql-credentials
"": lamp
type: Opaque
# Encode secrets exactly like this from your command line
# if you use a different command, you will run into errors with newlines
# root password for MySQL
# the actual password is varMyRootPass
# echo -n varMyRootPass | base64
rootpw: dmFyTXlSb290UGFzcw==
# user for MySQL
# the actual username is varMyDBUser
# echo -n varMyDBUser | base64
user: dmFyTXlEQlVzZXI=
# password for the second MySQL user
# the actual password is varMyDBPass
# echo -n varMyDBPass | base64
password: dmFyTXlEQlBhc3M=