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Sonobuoy v0.15.2

What's new

  • PodSpec fields can now be specified for individual plugins.
    • In addition to specifying the container and extra volumes required for a plugin, you can now modify the PodSpec used by Sonobuoy to launch the plugin. You can view the default PodSpec used by Sonobuoy for both Job and DaemonSet plugins by using the new flag --show-default-podspec on both the gen and gen plugin commands. This will allow you to modify the default one, or use it as a basis to provide your own for existing plugins. Sonobuoy will still add resources that it requires to this PodSpec before running the plugin (such as containers to run the plugin image and the Sonobuoy worker) but won't remove or change any settings you provide.
  • Plugin results are now placed onto the aggregators status annotation
    • This means you can now see if plugin had any test failures without even downloading the results tarball. You can use sonobuoy status to see the top-level results (e.g. passed/failed). Alternatively, a new --json flag was also added so you can see/parse the full status object.
    • We also added some metadata to the status object so you can relate it to the tarball you download. Fields include filename, sha256, and size.

What's better

  • OwnerReference set on plugin pods/daemonsets
    • By setting this metadata field when the aggregator launches plugins, we now ensure that plugin resources are deleted if the aggregator pod is deleted.
  • The sonobuoy results command now reports unknown on junit plugins if no xml files were processed instead of passed. This helps properly identify cases where a plugin may not generate the junit properly.
  • Added Details field to the results.Item object. This means that sonobuoy results --mode=detailed can not just list the tests which failed but also the failure message and captured stdout.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused Sonobuoy to not filter based on namespace properly when running queries after plugins are run.


d776707 Bump version of Sonobuoy and add new docs for v0.15.2 (#846)
031d29d Set OwnerReference on Plugin resources (#845)
2bec2b1 Modify some old docs to avoid liquid syntax warnings (#844)
2fb844c Ensure we filter resources by namespace (#842)
c7d0673 Ensure a plugin isn't reported as passed if no results were read (#841)
5238cfa Add Details map to post-processed Items (#838)
0fb9865 Add ability to override pod spec options (#837)
1cce037 Add results info to the status annotation and status cmd output (#829)
3a04f8f Use gcloud auth instead of docker-credential-gcr (#836)
83e39f2 Add image building/pushing back to Travis (#835)
4c07889 Remove use of templates for plugin Jobs and DaemonSets (#834)
94702fb Sync master/root and provide a script to do this (#831)
f68cb44 Remove plugin command (#833)
01a2fcb Fix SEO title output on docs
4cda024 Add SEO functionality to the site
838ea5a Add 0.15.1 blog post (#828)

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