A simple introspective kubernetes service that forwards events to a specified sink.
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This repository contains a simple event router for the Kubernetes project. The event router serves as an active watcher of event resource in the kubernetes system, which takes those events and pushes them to a user specified sink. This is useful for a number of different purposes, but most notably long term behavioral analysis of your workloads running on your kubernetes cluster.


This project has several objectives, which include:

  • Persist events for longer period of time to allow for system debugging
  • Allows operators to forward events to other system(s) for archiving/ML/introspection/etc.
  • It should be relatively low overhead
  • Support for multiple sinks should be configurable


By default, eventrouter is configured to leverage existing EFK stacks by outputting wrapped json object which are easy to index in elastic search.


  • This service does not provide a querable extension, that is a responsibility of the sink
  • This service does not serve as a storage layer, that is also the responsibility of the sink

Running Eventrouter


$ kubectl create -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/heptiolabs/eventrouter/master/yaml/eventrouter.yaml


$ kubectl delete -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/heptiolabs/eventrouter/master/yaml/eventrouter.yaml

Inspecting the output

$ kubectl logs -f deployment/eventrouter -n kube-system 

Watch events roll through the system and hopefully stream into your ES cluster for mining, Hooray!