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🖥 UOSteam | Scripts

Scripts for UOSteam, an Ultima Online Assistant.

Contents Include

  • General - Miscellaneous, Useful, Interesting

  • Organize - Items, Resources, Loot

  • Profiles - Import profiles into UOSteam for a quick start

  • PvM+PvP - Defense, Offense, Hunting

  • Resource - Crafting, Resource Gathering

  • Skill - Skill Trainers, Assistants

  • UOS - Documentation and UO Steam Binary!

  • Nearly 200 Scripts!

Other Resources and Links

Documentation and Guides

UOS Communities

Credits and Notes

Credit belongs to the authors who wrote the scripts. This is a repository to preserve the work that has been done creating these scripts.

UOSteam is a closed source assistant that is not allowed on every UO server. Using this assistant where prohibited may result in bans, item and character loss. Use at your own risk!


Fork and submit Pull Requests for additions. Create Issues for questions, feedback, or help.

⚠️ Deprecation Warning

UOSteam was abandoned by it's original developers (Diego Alcåntara, Diogo Palma). It's currently in a deprecated state and is not receiving updates. The latest release(v1.0.5) is considered stable. If anyone knows where to find the source code please let me know.


🎮 uosteam | scripts





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