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A Scala flavoured version of the Vaadin address book tutorial and integrated with Lift (sort of)
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This is an experiment to see how Vaadin could be integrated as part of a Lift application. For example, to provide an admin interface to a Lift web app.

It's a version of the Vaadin Address Book tutorial which has been ported to Scala with help and inspiration from earlier work by Robert Lally.

How to install and run

This is an SBT project, so once that is installed simply:

> update

> jetty-run

At http://localhost:8080 you will find the Lift part where you can try out the ProtoUser sign up and login features.

At http://localhost:8080/ui you will find the Vaadin user interface which lets you see all the signed up users, edit them and add new ones. As well as try out various features of the Vaadin UI components.


While it is possible to kind-of share the persistence layer between Vaadin and Lift by mapping between Lifts models and Vaadin with a 'data transfer object' or 'view object', this isn't really ideal. A more seamless solution could probably be found if you choose to build your Lift app using the JPA option for persistence. I imagine this would then make it simpler to re-use these objects in Vaadin.

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